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Watchung Hills Regional High School


Information for Students/Parents

Dear Students and Parents:

I hope that you all have had a great week!  As our earlier communication indicated, the start of school has now been pushed back to Tuesday, September 8th. The new schedule for Marking Period 1 can be found here. Below, please find some friendly reminders as well as new information you will need to begin the 20-21 school year.

Hybrid Learning vs. Full Time Remote Learning
As we are finishing the final preparations on room set up, please contact by 5PM today if you are planning to become a full-time remote learner.

Starting on Monday, August 31, 2020, we will no longer be switching students who have selected the full remote learning model to the hybrid model. Parents/guardians will be able to submit a request to the guidance counselor on record 10 school days prior to the start of the 2nd marking period to change from 100% remote to the hybrid model. However, a parent/guardian of a hybrid learner may submit a formal request through guidance to change to full-time remote learning at any time.

Students are to wear facemasks (not bandanas or gators) AT All TIMES except for when they are outside eating during their scheduled snacktime.  From the time students enter a bus or set foot on school property, any student who is not wearing a mask will be subject to immediate discipline. Students will be given 2 facemasks during the first week of school to supplement their supply of personal face masks. Like tee shirts, face masks are considered part of the dress code and may not contain political or inappropriate images or language of any kind.

Virtual Learners Expectations
Similar to last year, please familiarize yourselves with the expectations of our students when they are in remote learning.

We will have four tents set up outside to assist with implementation of our hybrid model. We will use them for students prior to entry into the building, instruction at various points of the day, and snack time. For snack time, each tent will house a different grade level.

 9th grade: Gazebo area (Tennis courts)

10th grade: Platform parking lot (Outside Gym 5 / 6)

11th grade: Marching Band Field

12th grade: Senior Courtyard (outside the South cafeteria)

Students will have the opportunity to pre-purchase snacks through Pomptonian Food Service.

Please remember, students will only be allowed to eat/drink during their designated snack time. Students are required to wash or sanitize their hands prior and after eating/drinking.

Code of Conduct and Student Handbook
Updates were made to the student handbook by the administrative team. We have added new expectations around COVID-19.  We have outlined the health and safety guidelines as well as the hybrid instructional model. 

Arrival/Departure Procedures:
A daily questionnaire must be completed by a parent/guardian on behalf of each student to attend class in the building.  A student will not be able to attend classes in the building that day until the form is completed. This form will be made available starting at 3pm on the day prior in the Parent Portal on Genesis.

Additionally, before entering the building, each student will have a temperature scan. If a temperature is over 100.4 degrees, that student will not be permitted in the building.

Students who arrive at school in the front of the building will be directed to enter either at the Main Entrance or Door 56 (Marching Band Practice Field) upon arrival.

Students who arrive at school in the rear of the building will enter through Door 47 (by Gym 5/6).

Depending on students’ arrival time, they may be staged outside in order to expedite an effective entrance to the building. 

At the conclusion of the day, students are expected to leave the building promptly while maintaining proper social distancing. School personnel will be present to ensure safety measures are followed.

Desks will be arranged to face in one direction. Students will not be permitted to move desks, unless instructed by a teacher, so that we maintain proper social distance at all times. An ample number of cleaning wipes and hand sanitizers are in each classroom. Students are responsible for cleaning their desks upon entry and departure.

Have a great weekend!  We look forward to seeing our 9th graders and new registrants on 8/31 or 9/1 and seeing returning students, in some capacity, on September 8th!