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Web 2.0 Presentation Tools

Web 2.0 Presentation Tools are online versions of traditional presentation software such as MicroSoft PowerPoint and Apple Keynote. Many offer additional features such as web-based collaboration, online presentation sharing, and non-traditional authoring schemes. This makes it possible for users to work in groups regardless of the physical location of the members.
Most Web 2.0 presentation tools are based on the cloud computing concept: data storage and software do not reside on a single user’s computer but on servers and data centers across the world. Web 2.0 presentation tools require only a computer with an Internet connection and a web browser. Most are free to use.

Web 2.0 Presentation Tools
These programs allow you to create linear presentations that are similar to PowerPoint.

Free-Form Presentation Tools
These programs were not created to be presentation tools but can be used to create non-linear, free-form presentations.

Slideshow Storage Sites
These sites allow you store and share your presentations via the cloud. Some sites will allow you to store not only PowerPoint presentations, but also Keynote presentations, Word documents, and PDFs.