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General Water Web Sites
EPA: Water

Water Environment Federation: The Water Quality People

USGS: Water Science for Schools

Earth's Freshwater

Pharmaceutical Drugs in Water Supply
Pharmaceuticals and Personal Care Products (PPCPs)
Research in Action: Relative Risk of Pharmaceuticals in Waste Water
Drugs in the Water
As Pharmaceutical Use Soars, Drugs Taint Water and Wildlife
Drugs Are in the Water. Does It Matter?
Drugs in Our Drinking Water?
Prescription Tap Water: What Drugs Are We Taking With Our Drugs?
Fish, Wildlife Affected by Contaminated Water
How to Dispose of Unused Medicines

NJDEP New Jersey Department of Environmental Protection: Stormwater in New Jersey
Stormwater FAQs

EPA: Water – After the Storm

Primer - Stormwater Runoff Pollution | Poisoned Waters | FRONTLINE

NRDC: Stormwater Strategies: Community Responses to Runoff Pollution

EPA: What You Can Do to Prevent NPS Pollution

Water and Conflict
Water Conflict Chronology Map

Water and the Roots of Violent Conflict in Syria

Water in Conflict

The World's Water
Water and Conflict - Pacific Institute

Water and Conflict: Incorporating Peace Building into Water Development

Waternet: On the Geopolitics of Water Scarcity in the Middle East

Water in the News
Water - News - The New York Times
Search ScienceDaily: Water
Water Current Events and News |
Water: Pictures, Videos, Breaking News
Alltop - Top Water News

Water Conservation

NJDEP New Jersey Drought Information - You Can Make A Difference! Ideas for Saving Water

EPA: How to Conserve Water and Use it Effectively

Water Pollution

NJDEP - Clean Water NJ

EPA: Water - Water Pollution

Water Pollution: Frequently Asked Questions

The Water Cycle: Teacher's Guide to the Great Swamp Watershed
EPA: What is a Watershed?

USGS: Watersheds and Drainage Basins: Water Science for Schools

EPA: Laws, Regulations, Treaties (Watersheds)

Water Transfer at Owens Valley
History of the LA Aqueduct

Los Angeles Aquaduct
The California Water Wars
Owens Valley Water Dispute
The Los Angeles Aqueduct and the Owens and Mono Lakes Case
William Mulholland: The Man Who Built the Los Angeles Owens River Aqueduct
William Mulholland