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Famous Poets and Poems

American Poets and Poems

POETRY MOUNTAIN: An online poetry Archive and Resource Center

Representative Poetry Online

Poetry Foundation Poetry, Poems, Bios & More

Black Poets – Black Poetry

The Poetry Archive
Modern American Poetry: The Poets Thousands of Poems and Poets

Famous Classical Poets - Poems

Famous 18th Century Poets - Poems

Famous 19th Century Poets - Poems

Poet’s Corner

Poetry Out Loud: Find Poems and Poets

Shmoop Poetry: Themes, Interpretation, Technique

Poets Laureate

About the Position of Poet Laureate - Poetry and Literature (Library of Congress)

Poet Laureate Consultant in Poetry: Current Poet Laureate

Current State Poets Laureate: Library of Congress

Poetry Anthologies

The Poem Tree: An Online Poetry Anthology
Anthology of Poetry

Verse: Poetry Anthologies and Thousands of Poems

Poetry Devices

Poetic Devices

Poetic Devices

Poetic Devices in Poetry

Sound Devices Used in Poetry: A List of Definitions ...

RhymeZone Rhyming Dictionary and Thesaurus

Poetry Terms

Poetry Foundatdion: Glossary Terms Poetry Glossary

Poetry Terms: 40 Brief Definitions

McGraw Hill Online Learning Center: Glossary of Poetic Terms

Glossary of Poetic Terms
Glossary of Poetry Terms

Types of Poetry

Poetry Terms and Poetry Forms

Poetic Forms & Techniques

Forms of Poetry - Types of Poetry

51 Types of Poetry