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Food and Cooking

Food & Cooking
History of food & Cooking
History of Cookbooks
Cookbook Authors
Specialty Foods

History of Cookbooks
History of Cookbooks in America
A Little History on English Cookbooks
Feeding America
Feeding America: A Brief History of American Cookbooks
Early American Cookbooks
The American Cookbook as Documented in the Nation’s History
History of Cookbooks
Szathmary Culinary Manuscripts and Cookbooks
Washington Equal Suffrage Association publishes Washington Women's Cook Book in Seattle in late 1908
When Did Americans Start Writing Cookbooks?

History of Food

Anthropology of Food
Food Timeline: Popular American Decade Foods, Menus, Products & Party Planning
Food Timeline--USA Food History Sources
Food Timeline: Food History & Historic Recipes
1500s Food
1600s Food
1700s Food
1800s Food
1900s Food

History of American food

Food in America

Dining Through the Decades: 100 Years of American Food andIts History

Key Ingredients : America By Food: 500 Years ofAmerican Food

Ethnic Cuisine: United States
Not by Bread Alone: America's Culinary Heritage

Mollie Katzen

Fannie Merritt Farmer

Fannie Farmer Biography

Marion Cunningham's Biography

American Cookbooks

Betty Crocker

The Joy : The Online Home of the Joy of Cooking

Good Housekeeping: Recipes and Entertainment

Fanny Farmer Recipes

Moosewood/Mollie Katzen Recipes

Cooks Illustrated Online

Every Conceivable Comestilbe: Review of The All New Good Housekeeping Cookbook

Colonial American Recipes
Colonial Sense: the Website for All Things Colonial - Recipes
Colonial American Fair: Cooking Recipes

World Recipes

Cooking by Country

All Recipes

World Recipes

International Food Recipes | Food Around the World

World Hearth Recipe Collection

Tasty Cooking Recipes - Cooking recipes from all over the world
Food History: Italian and Mediterranean Food

Spcecialiy Foods
  • Pizza
  • Chili
  • Corn Bread


History of Pizza
Pizza: History | Types of Pizza | Pizza’s Recipes | Make Pizza
History of Pizza
Pizza: History and Legends of Pizza
Pizza History
The History of Pizza
History of Pizza | Italy
History of Chicago Style Pizza

Styles of Pizza
Pizza Styles
Classic Hand Tossed Pizza: Types of Pizza
The Many Different Kinds of Pizza
Pizza Types
Types of Pizza
A Guide to Different Types of Pizza
Types of Pizza
New York Style Pizza

New York Style Pizza: What it Means

New York Style Pizza

Pizza Recipes

Great Pizza Recipes

Pizza Recipes: Pizza Doughs, Pizza Sauces and Pizza Toppings


History of Chile
The History of Chili
History and Legends of Chili and Chili Con Carne
The Official State Food Of Texas - Chili
Chilli History - Around The World
The History of Chili and Chili Recipes
The Surpring History of Chili

Chili Recipes
Chili Recipes
Chli Recipes
Famous Chili Recipes
Top-Rated Chili Recipes
Chili Recipes for Healthy Cooking
Rachel Ray's Chili Recipes
Easy Chili Recipes - Homemade Chili from Scratch
Champion Chili Recipes

Corn Bread

History of Corn Bread

Corn Bread

History of Everyone's Favorite Quick Bread - Corn Bread

Cornbread – Made in the USA

Food Timeline--History Notes: Ambrosia to Corn Bread

Corn Bread Recipies

Best Cornbread Recipes

Easy Cornbread Recipes

Sweet Cornbread