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European History

European History

Ancient Civilization – Ancient History

Middle Ages - Middle Ages

Medieval Sourcebook: Introduction

The Labyrinth

End of Europe's Middle Ages - Home Page

NetSERF: The Internet Connection for Medieval Resources

ORB: The Online Reference Book for Medieval Studies

The Enlightenment
The European Enlightenment

Internet Modern History Sourcebook: The Enlightenment

Napoleonic Era
Liberty, Equality, Fraternity: Exploring the French Revolution
The French Revolution
Napoleonic Series: Government and Politics
Napoleonic Wars
Napoleon Series: Battles and Campaigns
Napoleon: His Army and Enemies
Napoleonic Series: Organization, Strategy and Tactics
Napoleonic Series: Map Archives

Napoleonic Period Collection: Satrical Caricatures

A Brief History of the Congress of Vienna
Personalities of the Congress of Vienna

Napoleonic Series: Virtual Battlefields

Euro Docs: France, 1789-1871

Victorian Era

For additional web links on the Victorian Era, see Great Expectations Pathfinder:
The Victorian Web: An Overview

Victorian England

History of the Monarchy: The Hanoverian - Victoria
Dictionary of Victorian London - Victorian History - 19th Century London - Social History

The Victorian Age

History: Victorians
1876 Victorian England Revisited

PBS : Empires : Queen Victoria

BBC - History - Queen Victoria (1819 - 1901)

19th Century Europe

A Web of English History: The Peel Web

20th Century Europe
Lectures of Twentieth Century Europe

World War I

General World War I Sites

The Great War | PBS

WorldWar One

EyeWitness to World War I

The Great War Society: World War I Information: Learning Center

World War One, First World War

Causes of World War I

Causes of World War I

Outcomes of World War I

BBC Schools Online World War One: Interpretation of the Treaty of Versailles

Aftermath of World War I: Information from

The Peace Treaty of Versailles

The Treaty of Versailles

Modern History Sourcebook: Treaty of Versailles, Jun 28, 1919

First World - Primary Documents: Treaty of Versailles, 28 June 1919

The Treaty of Versailles

A German View of the Treaty of Versailles

The Impact of the Treaty of Versailles

The Avalon Project: The Versailles Treaty June 28, 1919

Documenting Democracy: Treaty of Versailles 1919

Trench Warfare

Encyclopedia of the First World War: Trench War

Life in the Trenches, First World War

Trench Warfare in World War One

Trenches on the Web - Map Room



Conquest of the Air - World War I Airplanes

World War II

The History Place - Holocaust Timeline
The History Place - Genocide in the 20th Century: The Nazi Holocaust 1938-1945
The History Place - The Rise of Adolf Hitler
The History Place - World War Two in Europe Timeline
Anne Frank the Writer: an Unfinished Story