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Alternative Energy

Alternative Energy
To access web sites on Alternative Fuels, click on Fuel and select Types of Fuel.

General Alternative Energy Web Sites
The Energy Story
Renewable Energy Sources
Energy Resources

Renewable Energy Sources - Our Energy
EERE: Energy Basics


What is BIOMASS?


NREL - Biomass Energy Basics

Interesting Biomass Facts | Renewable Green Energy Power

Geothermal Energy
Geothermal Enerygy
How Geothermal Energy Works|Union of Concerned Scientists
NREL: Learning About Renewable Energy - Geothermal Energy Basics

Geothermal Energy Association: Geothermal Basics

Geothermal Energy: Pros and Cons

Geothermal Energy

Hydroelectric Power
Hydropower: Going with the Flow


Hydroelectric power and Water - USGS Water Science for Schools


Nuclear Energy
Nuclear Energy | Clean Energy | US EPA
Nuclear Energy | National Geographic Education

Nuclear Energy in New Jersey

Nuclear Energy Quick Facts

Nuclear Energy Facts and Fiction

US Nuclear Regulatory Commission: Students’ Corner

Petroleum By-Products
US Department of Energy: Alternative Fuels
For additional web sites, click on Fuel and select Types of Fuel.

Solar Energy
Renewable Energy, Solar Energy
How Solar Energy Works | Union of Concerned Scientists
Solar Energy
How Does Solar Energy Work?
Pros & Cons of Solar Energy
Alternative Energy Sources: Solar Energy

Tidal Energy
Tidal Energy | Pros for Wave and Tidal Power

US Department of Energy: Tidal Energy

Tidal Energy - National Geographic Education

Tidal Power | How Tidal Power Plants Work
Alternative Energy Sources: Tidal

Wind Energy
Wind Energy Basics

Wind Power

Wind Energy

US Department of Energy: Wind Energy Basics

Alternative Energy Sources: Wind Energy