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World History Project

World History Project

Circulating Books

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Books about terrorism are located in the Dewey numbers:

Books about global warming are located in the Dewey numbers:

Books about immigration are located in the Dewey numbers:

Reference Books
Countries and their Cultures
R 305.8Encyclopedia of Cultures and Daily Life
R 305.89Encyclopedia of African Peoples
R 306.03 COCountries and their Cultures
R 306.094Encyclopedia of European Social History from1350 to 2000
R 306.097 ENEncyclopedia of World Cultures
R 940.09717 EAEaster Europe: An Introduction to the Peoples, Land and Culture
R 950.03 ENEncyclopedia of Modern Asia
R 954.003 ENEncyclopedia of India
Terrorism and Conflicts
R 300 SOTerrorism: Essential Primary Resources
R 303.625 COEncyclopedia of Terrorism
R 303.625 ENEncyclopedia of World Terrorism
R 303.625 ENEncyclopedia of World Terrorism: 1996-2002
R 303.625 ENEncyclopedia of World Terrorism: Documents
R 303.625 HELibrary in a Book: Global Terrorism
R 303.625 HELibrary in a Book: Terrorism
R 303.625 LELibrary in a Book: Ecoterrorism
R 303.625 STTerrorism Reference Library
R 909.82 ENEncyclopedia of Conflicts Since World War II
R 956 PEMiddle East Conflict Reference Library
Global Warming
R 363.73874Global Warming
R 300 SOImmigration and Multiculturalism: Essential Primary Sources
R 304.8 POImmigration
R 304. 87 POEncyclopedia of North American Immigration
R 304.873 WEImmigration: From the Founding Fathers of Virginia to the Closing of Ellis Island
R 305.8 AMAmerican Immigrant Cultures: Builders of a Nation
R 305.8 PEPeoples of North America
R 325.73 DIDictionary of American Immigration
R 325. 73 LEU.S. Immigration: A Reference Handbook
R 973. 04 WIDesitnation America

Research Databases and eBooks

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World Geography
World History: The Modern Era

Biography in Context

Country Watch


Custom Newspapers

Biography Collection Complete
History Reference Center

eLibrary Curriculum Edition

History Study Center

Facts on File
Modern World History Online
World Almanac for Kids
World Geography and Culture Online

Grolier Online
Lands and Peoples

ProQuest Historical Newspapers (The New York Times)

SIRS Researcher

Student Resources in Context
World Folklore and Folklife



Gale Virtual Reference Library
Countries and their Cultures
Countries of the World and Their Leaders Yearbook 2008
Countries of the World and Their Leaders Yearbook 2009
Encyclopedia of India
Encyclopedia of Islam and the Muslim World
Encyclopedia of Latin American History and Culture
Encyclopedia of Modern Asia
Encyclopedia of the Modern Middle East and North Africa
History Behind the Headlines: The Origins of Conflicts Worldwide (Volumes 3, 5, and 6)
History in Dispute (Volume 14, 16)
Immigration and Multiculturalism: Essential Primary Sources
Middle East Reference Library
New Dictionary of the History of Ideas
Terrorism: Essential Primary Sources
Terrorism Reference Library
War in the Persian Gulf Reference Library
Salem History
Encyclopedia of American Immigration

Sharpe Online Reference
Conflicts Since World War II
Global History: Cultural Encounters
World Terrorism

Web Links

Background Notes: U.S. Department of State

Countries of the World

Country Studies - Library of Congress
Country Profiles | Asia Society

National Geographic Places Directory
BBC NEWS | Middle East | Country Profiles

BBC NEWS | Europe | Country Profiles

BBC NEWS | Africa | Country Profiles

BBC NEWS | Asia-Pacific | Country Profiles

BBC NEWS | South Asia | Country Profiles

BBC NEWS | Americas | Country Profiles

Flags and Maps

World Flag Database
Political Maps of Countries and Territories- World Sites Atlas
World Atlas of Maps Flags and Geography Facts
Perry-Castañeda Map Collection

Global Warming

Global Warming Simulation - National Geographic

Global Warming: Early Warning Signs

World View of Global Warming: The Photographic Documentation of Climate Change

Climate Change | U.S. EPA

Almanac of Policy Issues: Global Warming

The - Global Warming: Who Loses and Who Wins?

Immigration / Emigration
UNHCR | Refworld | The Leader in Refugee Decision Support

United Nations

United Nations
Secretary General of the United Nations: Biography
UN Security Council Members

World Conflicts

World Currencies
Money of the Countries of the World
World Countries: Capitals and Currency
Currency by Country
Currencies for Countries around the World: CIA World Factbook

World Leaders
World Leaders

World News
Newspapers of the World
All Countries Newspapers and News Media Guide
Online Newspaper Index - The Best Online Newspapers in All Countries
Thousands of Newspapers on the Net

Newslink | Newspapers

English Online International Newspapers

The Big Project: Websites of English Language World Newspapers

Internet Public Library: Newspapers

Paperboy Online Newspapers

Newspapers U.S. and Worldwide