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Vietnam War

Vietnam War

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ABC-CLIO Social Studies Databases
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American History Online
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Marshall Cavendish Digital
America in the 20th Century
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Sharp Online Reference
America in World History
Encyclopedia of Conflicts Since World War II
Post War America
Student Resources in Context

Gale Virtual Reference Library
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Salem History
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Webcasts and Podcasts
ABC News Videos and Live News Clips Online
CBS News - News video & Streaming Video News Clips
CNN Video - Breaking News Videos from
EDU - YouTube
Fnuz Free Online Streaming: Movies, Animes, Cartoons, Series
Free Documentary TV - Watch Documentaries Online
Free Political Documentaries
TeacherTube: Teach the World

Learn Out Load – Free Podcasts

Podcasts | Library of Congress
Podcast Alley: The Place to Find Podcasts | The Ultimate Podcast Collection

Web Links


Napalm & Agent Orange

Agent Orange

A Battle Unending: The Vietnam War and Agent Orange

Agent Orange

Photo of 'Napalm Girl” from Vietnam War turns 40


The Napalm Bomb

Conscientious Objection In America: Primary Sources For Research


Online NewsHour: Remembering Vietnam: Carter's Pardon


Higher and Higher: American Drug Use in Vietnam

The Vietnam War As History
Vietnam War: History
American Experience: Vietnam Online
History Learning Site: The Vietnam War
U.S. History: The Vietnam War
The USS Kirk: Valor At The Vietnam War's End

The Truth About My Trip To Hanoi | Jane Fonda
Jane Fonda In Vietnam
Jane Fonda

Jane Fonda In Vietnam


Women Journalists and the Vietnam War

Photojournalism and the Vietnam War

The Effects of Photojournalism on the Protest Movement during the Vietnam War

The War in Vietnam: A Story in Pictures

American Heritage: The Sage of Black Rock

30-year Anniversary: Tonkin Gulf Lie Launched Vietnam War


The American Film Industry and Vietnam | History Today

Vietnam War depicted in films

Coping Strategies: Three Decades of Vietnam War in Hollywood

Top Vietnam War Movies - AMC Movie Database

IMDb: Top 25 Realistic Vietnam War Movies

10 notable movies about the Vietnam War

Music of the Vietnam War
Music of the Vietnam Era
Songs of the Vietnam War: An Occupational Folklore Tradition
'Next Stop Is Vietnam': A War In Song

American Experience | PBS | Vietnam Online

Digital History: The Vietnam War as History

History Learning Site: My Lai Massacre

Famous American Trials: the My Lai Courts Martial, 1970

The Vietnam War and the My Lai Massacre | The Gilder Lehrman Institute of American History

American Experience: My Lai
The Women of the Army Nurse Corps During the Vietnam War
Nurses in Vietnam

The Vietnam Center and Archive: Exhibits - Nurses of the Vietnam War

Women in the Vietnam War

The Best and Worst of Times: American Nurses in Vietnam

Reflections on Nursing in Vietnam

Field Expediency: How Army Nurses in Vietnam “Made Do”

Citing Your Sources

Examples of MLA Formatting and Parenthetical (In-Text Citations)

For additional examples of citation formats select Research and Citation Gudes

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Databases and eBooks
An Article in an Indvidual eBook with an Author

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Multimedia Sources
A Podcast
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