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The Help: Civil Rights in the 1960's

The Help: Civil Rights in the 1960s


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ABC-CLIO Social Studies Databases

African American Experience
American Government

American History

Daily Life through History


Pop Culture Universe

Biography Resources in Context

EBSCOhost Web
Biography Collection Complete
History Reference Center
eLibrary Curriculum
History Study Center

Facts on File

African-American History Online

American History Online

American Women’s History Online


ProQuest Historical Newspapers

The Baltimore Sun

The Chicago Tribune

The New York Times

Questia School

Student Resources in Context

Gale Virtual Reference Library

Sharpe Online Reference

American Countercultures

Culture Wars in America

Encyclopedia of American Social Movements

Postwar America

Web Links


Google Books

General Civil Rights Movement Web Links

Digital History: The Tumultuous 1960s

African American History
African American Odyssey: The Civil Rights Era

Women in the Civil Rights Movement: Trailblazers and Torchbearers, 1941-1965

Primary Documents
Official Program for the March on Washington (1963)
Final Plans for the March on Washington

Bob Dylan
African American Culture and Bob Dylan: Why He Matters
Bob Dylan and the Civil Rights Movement
Music and Civil Rights: “Only a Pawn in Their Game”
A Freewheelin' Time: A Look at Bob Dylan and Consensus Politics
King’s March on Washington, Bob Dylan and Senator Obama Sermon

Brown v. Board of Education
Brown v. Board of Education: History
The Brown Trial
History of Brown v. Board of Education

Domestic Workers in the South

A Study of Domestic Women in the South

Black, White Atlantans Talk About The Help
Dorothy Bolden Gave Voice to Atlanta’s “Help”
Relations on the Home Front

Valuing Domestic Work

Integration of Ole Miss
"I Can't Fight Alone": James Meredith Calls on All Blacks to Participate in the Struggle for Racial Equality
Ole Miss - John F. Kennedy Presidential Library & Museum
History: The U.S. Marshals and the Integration of the University of Mississippi
Border Patrol Was Instrumental in Ending 'Long Night' of Segregation in American South?
American Experience.Eyes on the Prize.Primary Sources | PBS

Jim Crow Laws

What Was Jim Crow?

Remembering Jim Crow : Presented by American RadioWorks

The Rise and Fall of Jim Crow | PBS

Black History in America: Jim Crow Laws

Jim Crow Laws

Junior League

Junior League History

History of the Junior League

March on Washington

The March on Washington: “We Stood on a Height”

March on Washington for Jobs and Freedom

March on Washington for Jobs and Freedom August 28, 1963
The March on Washington | IIP Digital

Behind the March on Washington

The 1963 March on Washington

March on Washington, D.C.

Medgar Evers

Online NewsHour: Pursuing the Past -- The Medgar Evers Assassination
Medgar Evers and the Origin of the Civil Rights Movement in Mississippi
Medgar Evers
NAACP History: Medgar Evers
Representing Byron de la Beckwith in Film and Journalism: Popular Memories of Mississippi and the Murder of Medgar Evers

Medgar Evers: July 2, 1925-June 12, 1963

Exposing the Secrets of Mississippi Racism

Mississippi in the 1960s
American RadioWorks - State of Siege: Mississippi Whites and the Civil Rights Movement
Black Enfranchisement in Mississippi: Federal Enforcement and black Protest in the 1960s

Rosa Parks

Montgomery Bus Boycott (1955-1956)

Rosa Parks and The Montgomery Bus Boycott

The Story of Rosa Parks and Montgomery Bus Boycott Revisited

Montgomery Bus Boycott

Rosa Parks and the Montgomery Bus Boycott

ADAH: Alabama Moments (Montgomery Bus Boycott--Details)

Montgomery BusBoycott: The Story of Rosa Parks and the Civil Rights Movement

Rosa Lee McCauley Parks

How Women Led and Won the Montgomery Bus Boycott

16th Street Baptist Church Burning
About the 1963 Birmingham Bombing

16th Street Baptist Church 1963 Bombing Summary

16th Street Baptist Church Bombing : NPR

Online NewsHour: Pursuing the Past -- The Birmingham Church Bombing

Sixteenth Street Baptist Church

Television and Other Media

The Civil Rights Movement and Television

Television and the Civil Rights Movement: An Interview with AnikoBodroghkozy (Part One)

Television and the Civil Rights Movement: AnInterview with Aniko Bodroghkozy (Part Two)
Woolworth Sit-ins

I Raised My Hand to Volunteer: Students Protest in 1960s Chapel Hill

Civil Rights Greensboro

1960: Sitting Down to Take a Stand
Woolworth's Lunch Counter - Separate Is Not Equal (Mostly pictures)
The Woolworth Sit-In That Launched a Movement
North Carolina History Project : Greensboro Sit-In

The Sit-ins - October 1960 - Civil Rights - A Jackson Sun SpecialReport

To Sit or Not to Sit: The Supreme Court of the United Statesand the Civil Rights Movement in the Upper South

Women in 1960s Mississippi
Mississippi Women: Their Histories, Their Lives
Association of Black Women

Youth Movements of the 1960s
When Youth Protest: The Mississippi Civil Rights Movement, 1955-1970 | Mississippi History Now
Online NewsHour: Pursuing the Past -- The Freedom Summer Killings
Freedom Summer
Freedom Summer (1964)
Freedom Summer Volunteer Recounts Tense Times
Civil Rights Workers: Death in Mississippi
History : United States Student Association

Citing Your Sources

Citation Generators

Citation Generators are web tools that assist students in creating bibliographic citations for print and electronic sources. Users fill out an online form with the necessary information, and citations are automatically generated. Some Citation Generators have an Autocite feature that requires only the website URL or book ISBN number.

Citation Generators may differ slightly, but generally the steps are as follows:
  1. Click on the resource (source type) you want to cite.
  2. Complete the online form with information from your source. Only fill in the boxes that apply with information that is available.
  3. When you are done filling out the form, click a button to create the citation. Your citation will appear below or next to the online form.
  4. Continue this process for each of your sources. You may enter multiple citations without losing the prvious ones.
  5. When you have entered all your citations, sort them into alphabetical order. If your citation begins with quotation marks, move it from the beginning of the list to its proper alphabetical spot.
  6. After sorting, copy and paste the citations into a word processing document that you print or save.
Citation Generator Web Sites
EasyBib: Free Automatic Bibliography Composer
Son of Citation Machine

MLA Citation Wizard