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Reform Movements in 19th Century America

Reform Movements in 19th Century America

Circulating Books

Biographies are located in the Biography section of the Media Center and are arranged alphabetically by the subject’s last name.

General books on reform movements are located in the Dewey numbers:

Check the card catalog for specific topics. The following are some of the subject headings you may find useful:
Abolitionists--Southern States--History--19th Century
Abolitionists--United States--History
Second Great Awakening
Women’s Movement--History
Women’s Rights--History
Women’s Rights--United States
Women’s Rights--United States--History--19th Century

Use a keyword search if you do not find what you are looking for in a subject search. Once you find a book that meets your criteria, click on the subject headings in the card catalog record for similar books.

Reference Books

R 200.973 REReligion and American Cultures
R 301.452 INInternational Library of Negro Life and History
R 303.48 AMAmerican Social Reform Movements Reference
R 303 SOSocial Policy: Essential Primary Soruces
R 303 SOGovernment, Politics, and Protest: Essential Primary Sources
R 303 SOFamily in Society: Essential Primary Resources
R 303.484 ENEncyclopedia of American Social Movements
R 324.623 FRWomen’s Suffrage in America
R 324.63 FRWomen’s Suffrage in America: An Eyewitness History
R 331.0973 WOWorking in America
R 346.7301 FRWomen’s Rights on Trial
R 395.42 STWomen’s Rights
R 903 NENew Dictionary of the History of Ideas
R 973 AMAmerican Eras: The Reform Era and Eastern U.S. Development
R 973 AMAmerican Eras: Civil War and Reconstruction
R 973 ENEncyclopedia of the New American Nation
R 973 OPOpposing Viewpoints in American History
R 973.03 DIDictionary of American History
R 973.03 ENThe Encyclopedia of American Political History
R 973.03 ENEncyclopedia of American Studies
R 973.5 ENEncyclopedia of the United States in the Nineteenth Century
R 973.5 EVEvents that Changed America in the Nineteenth Century

Print Indexes

American History Index

Video and DVD Resources

VC B DOUGLASFrederick Douglas
VC 973.56 DEDemocracy and Reform
DVD 305.42 EAEquality: A History of the Women's Movement in America

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Proquest Historical Newspapers (The New York Times, 1851-2001)

Student Resources in Context


ABC-CLIO eBook Collection

Gale Virtual Reference Library
American Social Reform Movements Reference Library
Dictonary of American History
Encylopedia of the New American Nation
Family in Society: Essential Primary Sources
Government, Politics and Protest: Essential Primary Sources
New Dictionary of the History of Ideas
Social Policy: Essential Primary Sources

Web Links

General 19th Century Web Links

19th Century American Cultural History


Abolitionist Movement

A Brief History of the American Abolitionist Movement

The Anti-Slavery Movement

Abolition: The African-American Mosaic

African American Odyssey: Abolition, Anti-Slavery Movements, and the Rise of the Sectional Controversy

Populist Movement

Agrarian Distress and the Rise of Populism

Agricultural Problems and Gilded Age Politics

The Populist Movement

Populist Party Platform

Documents on the Populist Movement

The Rise and Fall of Jim Crow. Jim Crow Stories . Populist Party | PBS

Prison and Asylum Reform

The Prison Society - History


An Account of the Events Surrounding the Origin of Friends Hospital

Dorothea Lynde Dix

Dorothea Dix

Public Education

Victory of the Common School Movement: A Turning Point in American Educational History

Common School Movement

The Common School Movement

The Common School Movement and Compulsory Education


SCHOOL: The Story of American Public Education: Horace Mann

Religious Reform

Religious Groups, Benevolent Organizations, and American Pluralism

Revivalism and Benevolence

Evangelicalism, Revivalism, and the Second Great Awakening

Religion and the New Republic (Religion and the Founding of the American Republic

Second Great Awakening

The Second Great Awakening and Rise of Evangelicalism

The Second Great Awakening

Suffrage Movement


Temperance Movement

Temperance Movement