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Periodic Table of Elements

Periodic Table of Elements

Circulating Books
546 BAThe Ingredients: A Guided Tour of the Elements
546 MIThe Elements
Reference Books
R 541.2 STA Guide to the Elements
R 546 EMThe Elements
R 546 KRThe History and Use of our Earth's Chemical Elements: A Reference Guide
R 546 NEChemical Elements: From Carbon to Krypton

Research Databases and eBooks
eLibrary Science
Facts on File
Science Online
Science in Context
SIRS Issues Researcher
Student Resources in Context
Gale Virtual Reference Library

Video Resources

Periodic Videos

Web Links

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Periodic Table Discovery by Year and by Place

The Periodic Table of Videos

Chemical and Engineering News | It's Elemental: The Periodic Table

History of the Periodic Table of Elements
The Path to the Periodic Table | Chemical Heritage Foundation
A Brief History of the Development of Periodic Table
The History of the Periodic Table

Chemistry Tutorial : History of the Periodic Table