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Web Links

General Crisis Web Links
Questions and Answers: Domestic Violence, Sexual Assault, Teen Dating Violence, and Stalking
Helping Teenagers Cope with Grief

Teens & Grief

T.E.A.R - Teens Experiencing Abusive Relationships - Statistics

Domestic Violence and Sexual Assault Coalition
Mental Health America: Depression in Teens

What is Bullying |
Bullying: MedlinePlus
Dealing with Bullying
Bullying | Violence Prevention Works
11 Facts About Bullying

Dating Violence
Teen Dating Violence
Preventing Dating Violence | Violence Prevention Works
Teen Dating Violence
Bulletins for Teens: Dating Violence
Dating Abuse Statistics
Teen Dating Violence Facts
Understanding Teen Dating Violence
Teen Dating Violence
Futures Without Violence: Legislation To Reduce Teen Dating Violence
Violence Against Women: Dating Violence
Dating Violence in Teen Years Can Have Lasting Impact: MedlinePlus
Dating Violence - The Office of Adolescent Health
Teen Dating Violence: A Closer Look at Adolescent Romantic Relationships
Facts on Teen Abuse: Facts About Teen Dating
The Facts on Teens and Dating Violence: Statisitcs
Teen Dating Violence Facts
Domestic Violence Resource Center | Dating violence

Emotional Abuse and Verbal Abuse
What is Emotional Abuse?
Emotional Abuse
Emotional Abuse
Emotional Abuse - Teen Abuse
Focus Adolescent Services: Emotional Abuse
Emotional abuse |
Emotional Abuse: Definitions, Signs, Symptoms, Examples - HealthyPlace

When A Loved One Dies: Coping With Grief
Losing a Sibling or Friend to Cancer
Grief, Coping and Communication
A Life Care Guide to Helping Other Cope with Grief
Death and Grief

Physical Abuse
What is Physical Abuse?
Take Action Against Abuse - For Teens | The White House
Effects on Children and Teens | CORA
Physical Abuse

Rape and Date Rape |
Teen Date Rape - Teen Abuse
Date Rape
A Parent's Guide to Helping a Daughter Who Has Been Raped
Rape & Sexual Assault Statistics
Aquaintance and Date Rape
Teen Datign and Violence Myths and Facts
Statistics | RAINN | Rape, Abuse and Incest National Network
Types of Sexual Assault
Teen Sexual Assault
Sexual Assault Facts for Teen: Statistics
Sexual Assault
7 Ways to Help a Teen Survivor of Sexual Assault: Scenarios USA

Separation / Divorce

Coping with a Breakup or Divorce


Children and Divorce: Helping Kids Cope with Separation and Divorce

Dealing with Divorce
Dealing with Divorce and Separation
Dealing with Your Parents' Divorce | Safe Teens
Dealing With Divorce - KidsHealth For Teens : Akron Children's Hospital
Parental divorce and adolescents | Psychology Today
Dealing with Divorce and Separation
Divorce and Separation

Sexual Abuse

Teen Guide to Sexual Violence


Teen Sexual Assault and Abuse
Sexual Abuse
Alliance: Factsheets: Sexual Harassment Information for Teens
Teen Health - Health Topics - Surviving Sexual Abuse
Teen Sexual Violence
MIT Raising Teens: Abuse of Teens: First Do No Harm