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Booster Clubs are defined as private organizations and clubs whose mission is to raise funds and plan and conduct activities in support of district extracurricular purposes and whose membership includes individuals who are not pupils or staff of the district. These organizations may not utilize the school name, mascot or logo to support any of their activities without written approval from the district.  Fund-raising is subject to Board Policy on Fund-Raising Activities and the Booster Club Operating Manual and Handbook.


The Board of Education (“Board”) recognizes that the support offered by Booster Clubs can benefit the school district. Because the activities of Booster Clubs involve district programs, students, parents and staff, the Board establishes guidelines for the operation of Booster Clubs in order to ensure that their activities are aligned with district goals and objectives, and are fully supportive of the high ethical standards the Board wishes to establish in the community.  It is the intent of the Board to eliminate any perception of “pay-to-play” requirements, mandatory membership, mandatory family contributions or mandatory sale levels per athletic team, marching band or club member in order to participate in an a district program.  Parent/guardian participation in Booster Clubs must be voluntary.


Before official recognition will be granted to any Booster or Parent Club that is organized for the sole purpose of endorsing and supporting a school-sponsored program, the Booster Club must be approved by the Superintendent or designee and then sanctioned by a vote of the Board upon review and approval of the following requirements:


·       Be incorporated as a nonprofit organization;


·       Obtain the signed approval of the Principal before raising funds in the name of the district or any district program;


·       Annually account to the Board for all approved fund-raising activities, including appropriate financial documentation as requested by the School Business Administrator;


·       Utilize all funds raised through the conduct of school related activities for the benefit of the students, school and team programs.  Planned activities and expenditures must benefit the team/club equally as a whole;


·       Certify that it will adhere to all of the policies and regulations of the school district, including the Booster Club Operating Manual and Handbook, and NJSIAA as applicable;


·       Request permission of the Principal or designee before taking or sponsoring any group of student athletes and/or club members and/or coaches and/or club advisors to any non-school sponsored activity and provide a cost breakdown of Booster Club assumed cost; and


·       Obtain liability insurance indemnifying the Board against all suits arising from the conduct of either Booster Club activities and/or its officers solely if the Board’s insurance policy does not cover the activity(ies) at issue.


·      Booster Clubs are required to adhere to the following:


·       All of the regulations, policies, procedures and rules as set forth in the Booster Club Operating Manual and Handbook and Board Policy on Fundraising;


·       Submit reasonable and achievable plans for fund-raising and expected use of funds and receive approval of the Principal prior to implementing the fund raising activity.  This applies to donations of goods and services as well as cash contributions.


·       Receive approval from the Principal or designee for each fund raising activity, and modify plans if required by the administration.


·       Receive approval for proposed expenditures beyond those agreed to be “operational expenses” for the Booster Club or “incidental and supportive” for the athletic team or club operations.


·       Review status of fund raising activities and use of funds at mid-year and end of the year operations of the team or clubs. 


·       Not prohibit students participating in team meals or any team functions hosted by the Booster Club if the student athlete fails to participate in fund-raising activities or if the family is not a member of the Booster Club.


·     Not disseminate communications that can be perceived as a form of bullying or coercion or of singling out an individual or family for not paying for team related expenses.


·        Booster Clubs will not be permitted to pay coaches for services provided to student athletes during the season or off-season.  Payment to approved school volunteers will not be permitted.


·       The Coaches’ Role and Relationship with Booster Clubs:


·        Coaches may not plan, participate in or conduct fund raising activities unless they receive the express approval of the Principal to do so.


·       Coaches may propose needs (and expected costs) to Booster Clubs but may not seek reimbursement for purchased items in the name of the Booster Club or from the Booster Club.


·        Coaches may participate in Booster Club meetings and may participate in meetings between Booster Clubs and the Administration if attendance is approved by the Administration.


·       Coaches are prohibited from acting as the agent or intermediary for athletes and Booster Clubs, unless they receive the express approval of the Principal to do so.


Nothing in this policy shall be construed as the Board's assumption of responsibility for any activity conducted by a Booster Club or negates its rights to end the association with said organization. 


The athletic director, principal, or superintendent has the authority to stop any function or activity that they determined is in violation of this policy or any policy of the district.


The Board cannot relinquish its authority to supervise any coach to a Booster Club.  The school will not permit the discussion, involvement or discipline of a student athlete between coaches and booster clubs.



Adopted:  24 July 2012

Revised:  2 December 2013