School Vision/Mission


Watchung Hills Regional High School Is a comprehensive secondary school that strives for educational excellence. The focal point of the educational program is the student. Students are taught to think logically and critically and to achieve their fullest academic potential. The school encourages individual self-realization along with social and civic responsibility. The educational program strives to create an awareness of and a tolerance for other cultures and an understanding of moral and aesthetic values.

Mission Statement

We will strive for educational excellence by:

  • Seeking to maximize each student's social, intellectual, and emotional development
  • Guiding students to become effective and productive citizens
  • Remaining responsive to the needs and values of our community

We will achieve educational excellence by providing:

  • A safe environment
  • Strong guidance
  • Effective curriculum aligned with the Common Core State Standards (CCSS) and instruction for all students
  • Appropriate technology used as a learning tool
  • A facility that supports and enhances the total program


  • Determine the needs for current and future curricular and extra-curricular programs
  • Provide programs, strategies, and methods that meet the individual needs of students
  • Provide students with a well qualified, well trained, well equipped instructional and support staff
  • Plan and identify long term sources of funding
  • Develop initiatives that provide emotional and physical support for all students
  • Develop a facility plan to support and enhance the total program