Prom Ticket Info:
    • Ticket sales will take place during lunch from May 4th through May 8th, in front of the PAC.
    • Tickets to the prom cost $75.00 and can be paid by either cash or a check made out to WHRHS.
    • When you come to purchase your ticket, you must bring a completed student info form filled out with your own information and the outside guest form completed if your date is not a WHRHS student. You will not be able to buy a prom ticket without these forms.
    • You can reserve a table of up to 12, if all money and forms are turned in at the same time.  Otherwise, you will be randomly assigned a seat at an open table.  You can have one person hand in all the forms and money for the whole table.
    • For any underclassmen attending the senior prom, there will be NO early dismissal on June 11th
    • See Mrs. Walsh or Ms. Pilitsis with any questions.
    Cocktail Hour- Mini Pizzas, Cocktail Franks, Vegetarian Eggrolls, Sesame Shrimp
    Appetizer- Penne Vodka
    Salad- Mixed Greens
    Entree- Chicken & Filet
    Dessert- Chocolate Mousse Cake

     Class of 2015 Advisors:


    Ms. Pilitsis and Mrs. Walsh




    Class of 2015 Executive Board:


    Katrine Schecter- President

    Becky Novik- Vice President

    Jenny Morris- Treasurer

    Olivia Fogel- Secretary

    Simran George- Parliamentarian


    General Board Members:


    Tony Hayeck

    Gabby Choe

    Kaila Davis

    Katherine Briski

    Charlotte Kwon

    Jackie Keyasko

    Mikaela Brandon

    Andrew Nelson

    Lauren Tomassetti

    Elizabeth Fogarty

    Rebecca Pasch

    Emily Strickberger

    Cameron Van Decker

    Gina Priore

    Melissa Bonaccorso

    Chrissy Panella

    Serena Kong

    Claudia Przylbylski

    Jill McInerney