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Watchung Hills Regional High School Strategic Plan 2020-2025


WHRHS is a learning community that encourages all students to embrace change today in preparation for the challenges of tomorrow. We empower
students to grow intellectually and socially. Within an environment that values wellness and respects all voices, our students explore their talents and excel
beyond their expectations.

In order to achieve our Mission, we will…

  1. Consider the social emotional needs of students in making educational decisions.
  2. Embrace and manage change as an opportunity for improvement.
  3. Engage parents and guardians in the education of their children.
  4. Foster a school culture that is based on collaboration, caring and mutual respect.
  5. Maintain open channels of communication among members of our school community.
  6. Prioritize learning as a process and not a product.
  7. Promote school spirit among students, staff and constituents.
  8. Plan culturally responsive learning activities in equitable classrooms.
  9. Provide opportunities for students to grow in maturity and independence.
  10. Value and support each student’s distinctive journey.