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Watchung Hills Regional High School


Special Projects

2020-2021 Capital and Maintenance Projects

  • Gym 5/6 Weight Room Renovation (in progress)
  • Bipolar Ionization HVAC Project (in progress)
  • Touch-Free Dispensers Installed Throughout the Building

2019-2020 Capital and Maintenance Projects

  • Corridor Refinishing Project
  • Renovation and painting of the Special Services Kitchen, including new counter tops and appliances 
  • Installation of 5 new Security door swipe cards
  • Two-way radio and repeater upgrade (analog to digital)
  • New lighting and fencing in the Breezeway
  • Backup HVAC unit installed in the Server Room
  • Air conditioning installed in Trainers' Room
  • Demolition of Room 110 and Media Center, moving of books from the Media Center


2019-2020 Corridor Refinishing Project



2019-2020 Special Services Kitchen Renovation