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Watchung Hills Regional High School


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Facilities Stats and History


The Watchung Hills Regional School District consists of one (1) school; located at 108 Stirling Road, Warren,New Jersey. The school consists of 1 and 2-story structures with a gross floor area of 397,890± square feet. The school has multiple outdoor athletic facilities at the east and north ends of the property.


The district has five (5) multi-use fields, five (5) tennis courts, one (1) permanent varsity baseball field with bleachers, one (1) permanent football/soccer field with a track, bleachers, and a concessions stand. Four (4) of the fields are located across the street on Mountain Avenue. These fields also have a separate parking area with a comfort station. The balance of the athletic facilities are on the same site as the school building.


The school fronts on Stirling Road, and is bounded on the south by Route 78, residential neighborhoods on the east and Mountain Avenue on the north. The original building was constructed in 1956 and has had additions in 1960, 1964, 1971, and 2007. The entire building is fully sprinklered. The original 1956 building is a 1-story brick and block building with aluminum windows.

The original building contained a gymnasium, auditorium,cafeteria, library, and two (2) wings of classrooms.The 1960 and 1964 additions are both 2-story structures comprised mostly of brick and block construction with full height curtain walls. These additions expanded the existing cafeteria, added two (2) gymnasiums, expanded the existing library, added music classrooms, science labs, and other classroom spaces. The 1971 addition is a 2-story structure that originally was a completely separate structure from the 1956-64 building connected with a breezeway. The 1971 addition added an additional cafeteria, relocated the library,added another gymnasium, and added another wing of classrooms. The upper story contains science labs and social studies classrooms. The 1971 addition is mostly brick and block construction with cementitious panel systems integrated throughout the façade.

The 2007 addition re-faced a large portion of the entire building along Stirling Road. The two-story addition added a performing arts center, music and art classrooms, and an additional gymnasium and wrestling room. The addition is comprised of multiple different materials including: brick, aluminum composite panels(ACM), large curtain wall expanses, and exterior insulation finish system (EIFS).

2019-2020 Tennis Courts Reconstruction

The existing five (5) tennis courts’ surfaces at the high school were faded and cracked after years of wear and tear by countless players as well as the elements. Reconstruction of the courts began in Fall of 2019 and was completed in Spring of 2020. The chain link fence, posts, and fabric around the courts were all replaced as well as some paving repairs surrounding the area.


Construction Phase

New Tennis Courts- Completed and Ready for Play!

2020 Media Center Renovation


Rendered Images of the Proposed Learning Commons

Rendered Images of the Proposed Learning Commons


Learning environments of the 21st century should promote a multitude of approaches for student learning. This can be facilitated by creating spaces that support both individual and group work, provide space for presentation, exploration, promote interaction and a sense of community, and foster both formal and informal learning.

21st century educational spaces shall provide opportunities to make connections through learning with peers, faculty, family and the surrounding community and should encourage learning and growth.

As technology progresses, facilities must be able to accommodate the needs of the future, and therefore adaptations need to support this. Due to engaged teaching methods and ever changing technology, spaces must be designed to be flexible and should accommodate the blending of physical and digital learning environments.

While it is recognized that the Library is a critical resource for learning today and printed books play a supporting role, it is also critical to embrace digital technologies, active learning methodologies and transform the traditional “library” into a learning commons. The currently underutilized Library space will be transformed into a Multi-Media Commons, an academic hub, where students and faculty gather to foster interaction and connection. A space which will foster learning and communication, host integrated technology and flexible enough to quickly manifest itself to accommodate a myriad of activities. The newly transformed Multi-Media Center will be a place to engage, explore, collaborate and learn.


Rendered Images of the Proposed Learning Commons Cafe

Rendered Images of the Proposed Learning Commons Cafe


The following spaces and technologies will be integrated to the transformation of the
Media Center.

Instructional Space – This flexible space will host the necessary technologies for a
flexible, active learning environment.

Classroom Space – A newly created enclosed classroom space will provide much need
additional teacher led learning space.

Distance Learning – Areas assigned for students enrolled in online classes will have a
place to reside and attend class.

Print and Digital Resources – Current print resources will be retained and provided adequate shelving space. A tech desk will provide access to and training for the latest digital technologies for research and information gathering.

Quiet Zones – Areas for quiet study and research will be established and maintained.

A/V Lab with Control Room

Podcast Room

Collaborative Space both open and closed - Enclosed Collaborative spaces with
glass walls for sound privacy with visual access will be provided.

CAD/Computer Stations

Enhanced Printing Technologies – 3D Printing, Large Format and Color Printing

Furnishings - Diverse and flexible seating with lounge seating, high tables and chairs,
ottomans and sofas, quiet study, as well as standard table and chairs. Comfortable seating to support individuals and large and small groups will be added. It is important to provide variety to meet the needs of all different students.

When the freedom to explore is encouraged, possibilities are endless.

Rendered Images of the Proposed Learning Commons


2020 New Entrance Signage

2020 Electrical Panel Replacement in the South Building


 Electrical Panels