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2020-2021 District Budget

The Watchung Hills Regional High School Administration and Board of Education presented the 2020/2021 school budget on Tuesday, April 28, 2020 at the Pubic Hearing.  Pertinent information detailing, enrollment, revenues and appropriations is listed below.  

One significant change to the items listed below, however, is the reduction in State Aid due to the Covid19 Pandemic.  The State of NJ reduced the WHRHS State aid figures listed below in July 2020 by $151,047.  The district plans on utilizing surplus funds produced by 2019/2020 pandemic related savings to address the 2020/21 state aid shortfall.   Another key factor when reviewing the data below is that changes to originally budgeted items have been revised during the summer of 2020 to provide reasonable safety mediation (I.e. PPE, sanitizing items, cleaning, etc.) to ensure the safe return of students and staff in September 2020.

1) Budget Calendar

2020/2021 Budget Calendar

2) Budget Presentations
         February 4, 2020

3) Budget Information