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Watchung Hills Regional High School


Virtual Desktop

VMware View allows students, faculty and staff to access a Watchung Hills Regional High School Windows 7 desktop computer from anywhere on any device with an internet connection. These desktops are managed, maintained, designed and supported by our WHRHS IT Staff. You can access a virtual desktop by installing the VMWare View client or using directly through a web browser. Chromebooks only support the HTML connection.

HTML Connection (Any device with an internet connection)

It is not necessary to install the VMware View client to access a virtual desktop. You can use any up-to-date web browser via HTML connection.

  1. Navigate to
  2. Log in using your WHRHS credentials

VMware View Client Computer Installation (PC/Mac/Linux)

  1. Navigate to
  2. Click “Install VMware Horizon View Client”
  3. Find the Client version for your system (windows users do not need local mode option)
  4. Save the program to your desktop
  5. Run the downloaded program to install the View Client on your machine
  6. The installation will ask you for the connection server you want to use. This will be
  7. Restart your machine

Tablet Installation (iPad/iPhone/iPod/Android)

  1. Search for “VMware View Client” in Apple App store, or Google Play Store
  2. Download and install the free Client

Using VMware View Client

  1. Open VMware View client from your desktop, home screen or app drawer
  2. In the text box next to “Connection Server” enter “”
  3. Click connect
  4. Use your regular Watchung Hills username and password to now gain access to your virtual desktop

Logging off VMware

  • To log off VMware either close the View client or go to the Start menu and logoff/shutdown