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Watchung Hills Regional High School


Protection Plan

The ACPP nonrefundable fee of $20 covers accidental damage repairs to one device, one charger, and any loaner devices per student for the current school year. This plan must be renewed each school year the child has a device issued to them to remain covered.

If you do not purchase the ACCP, you are responsible to pay for the cost of any repair(s) for physical damage to the device, any loaner devices issued to the student, as well as the power adapter. If the device is unable to be repaired, this may also include the full replacement cost of the device. Common replacement cost estimates are listed below.

Device Replacement
LCD Screen
Out Shell
Battery / AC Adapter
Lenovo N42 $290 $70 $80 $130 $60 $45 ea.
Lenovo 300e $350

How to sign up for the Annual Chromebook Protection Plan (ACPP)

We highly recommend parents/students take advantage of this opportunity. Enrollment in this plan will be indicated in the Genesis Parent Portal. To sign up and pay for the protection plan:

Damaged/Lost Equipment

Damages that are deemed by the administration as misuse, neglect, or intentional, students will be responsible for the entire cost of repairs or replacements. Lost devices or AC adapters are not covered by the Chromebook Protection Plan. Students are responsible for the entire cost of replacing the device or AC Adapter.

If you have lost your AC adapter, replacements can be purchased on an online marketplace. Be sure your order includes an AC Charger and a Power Cord. Students are required to return a functional/undamaged district issued Chromebook and AC adapter upon graduation or withdrawing from the district.

Device AC Adapter Model Number
Lenovo N42 (Class of 2021) ADLX45NCC3A
Lenovo 300e (Class of 2022 & 2023 & 2024) ADLX45YLC2A


Stolen Equipment

In case of theft, an official police report will be required to waive any replacement costs.


Students are required to return all equipment upon graduation or withdrawing from the district. Students are responsible for repair costs not covered by the Chromebook Protection Plan and replacement costs for unrequited equipment during the graduation or withdrawal process.