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Watchung Hills Regional High School Watchung Hills Regional High School



James Aquavia

Supervisor of English
School: ext. 2200

Daniel Bertelli

Supervisor of Arts and Co-curricular Activities
School: ext. 2100

Anita Byk

Supervisor of Social Studies
School: ext. 4816

Kristian Byk

Director of Operations
School: ext. 4810

Nicole Carro

Director of Human Resources & Professional Development
School: ext. 4918

Edward (Brad) Commerford

Supervisor of Physical Education/Health and World Languages
School: ext. 6848

Michael D'Alessio

Director of Mathematics, Business, and Assessment
School: ext. 6844

Michele Deremer

Director of Special Services
School: ext. 4880

James Flakker

Vice Principal
School: ext. 6975

Gina Heineman

Supervisor of Science
School: ext. 2700

Elizabeth Jewett

School: ext. 4890

William Librera

School: ext. 4870

Anthony Meluso

Director of IT
School: ext. 4962

Mary Ellen Phelan

Director of Curriculum & Instruction
School: ext. 6849

Daniel Root

Director of Athletics
School: ext. 4873

Jason Sabino

Director of School Counseling
School: ext. 4902

Steve Searfoss

Vice Principal
School: ext. 6831

Christopher Shea

Director of Safety and Security
School: ext. 6122

Timothy Stys

School Business Administrator/Board Secretary
School: ext. 4850

Patricia Toubin

Vice Principal
School: ext. 4843