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Project Graduation


It is THANK YOU Time!!!!

      The Project Graduation committee put months of time and effort, into planning to make any event happen if given the opportunity.  In January with no clear plan and just a hope that we'd be able to pull off some of the events for the graduates, we began to plan multiple ideas for different levels of restrictions. It wasn't until April that we were able to begin to plan decisively. We thank the following people for their commitment to the Class of 2021: Angela Cuonzo, Marie Brown, Krista Comitini, Deb Kountouris, Catherine Marshall, Gretchen Minieri, Mimi Morris, Wendy Ruta, Judy Shanahan, Florencia Squizziato, and Sharon Vlasak. Thanks are also in order to Anna Bryant, Lori MacManus, Kathy Saunders and Lisa Wickey for their support too.

        A big Thank You goes to Tina Osmond, president of the Watchung Hills Regional High School PTO. She was an invaluable member of our team this year, sending our emails, attending our meetings, running Karaoke Friday night, and so much more.

       The Committee would like to thank the WHRHS Board of Education for their vote of confidence on April 27th, in awarding us funding that enabled us to host our Project Graduation event. These funds were the catalyst that propelled our planning forward.

       The Committee would like to thank the following administrators who allowed us to bring all of our ideas to fruition, from fundraising, to Spirit Days, to facilitating Senior Week. It was only with their approval and assistance were we able to move forward: Mr. Librera, Mrs. Toubin, Mr. Bertelli, along with their staff, Pam Sasso, Denise Tautonico, and countless others.

        A big shout out of thanks to the Buildings and Grounds Department for the manpower they dedicated to helping us execute all of our plans.

         To the chaperones that accompanied the graduates to their Project Graduation event, you were a critical part of ensuring the class enjoyed a safe and fun event. Thank you for your time.

        A separate post will be forthcoming listing monetary donations and/or suppliers of goods and services for 2021. From the smallest to the largest donations, be it monetary, a cup of Joe, a gift basket, or your time, all donations were appreciated. 

         We are grateful the WH Class of 2021 were the recipients of so many celebrations this spring, that in the fall and winter months looked unattainable. The hard work, dedication and resiliency of everyone mentioned above was instrumental in making it all possible.

Gina Strong