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B.E.L.I.E.V. Club

B.E.L.I.E.V. Club (Bettering Each Life in Every Visit)

Our club has two primary purposes that we work towards throughout the year. 

Purpose 1: We organize trips to Children's Specialized Hospitals to visit the children there as well as to help the therapists coordinate and follow through on recreational activities for the pediatric patients. 

Purpose 2: We organize and execute fundraising events to provide a substantial donation to the Children's Specialized Hospital. These include Gertrude Hawk chocolate sales, March Madness, Volleyball tournaments, movie nights, and more.  

Membership Requirements:

  • In good academic standing as defined by the academic policy of WHRHS
  • Members must attend one meeting per month
  • Members must participate in a minimum of 2 events per year
  • At least 15 years of age to visit the hospital (you can still participate in the club if you are not 15!)

Meet Our Club Crew

Club Advisor: Mr. Ken Karnas (room 307)

Executive Board Members

Co-Presidents: Keya Patel and Sarah Tamhane
Vice President: Garance Lesegretrain
Secretary: Sania Tamhane
Treasurer: Kira Barisa
Club Representative: Aarish Patel
Fundraising chair: Reese Fishelman

Club Meeting Times & Location:

Our meeting times vary each month. They are generally in room 307. 

 Please check our Google Classroom page for specific details or see/email Mr. Karnas.

Google Classroom code: rrtornj