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Requirements for Members

Students interested in being inducted into The International Thespian Honor Society must earn points based on their hours spent performing and working on Watchung Hills Regional HS productions. Students pay a one time fee when inducted and become members of the organization for life. During their first year in the organization they receive a year subscription to the EDTA magazine, Dramatics.


International Thespian Society Troop 236 Constitution


Introduction: This is the standard Thespian troupe constitution for the operation of all Thespian and Junior Thespian troupes. Troupes may alter the constitution (except Article I) to best suit the needs of the troupe. If the troupe has not adopted a modified version, the ITS troupe constitution template is the governing document. The troupe director may adopt bylaws to incorporate other guidelines as appropriate.


Thespian Troupe 236 Constitution

Adopted: 10 September 2017

Article I: Name, Purpose, and Governance

Section 1. Name: This organization shall be called Troupe 236. The troupe has been chartered by Watchung Hills Regional High School. The charter affiliates it with the International Thespian Society (ITS).

Section 2. Purpose: The troupe is the honors component of the school’s theatre program. Its purpose shall be the advancement of standards of excellence in theatre. More specifically, the troupe will encourage students to attain a better mastery of the theatre arts and will reward those who achieve it with induction into the troupe. Thespians achieving honor ranks and scholar distinctions shall receive recognition of their exemplary accomplishments.

Section 3. Governance: This troupe constitution and its bylaws are two components of a hierarchy of documents that govern members of the International Thespian Society and its parent organization, the Educational Theatre Association (EdTA). The documents affecting troupes, in order of authority, are: the EdTA Code of Regulations, the membership policy, the troupe handbooks, the troupe constitution, and troupe bylaws. This constitution may not be altered in any way that conflicts with a superseding document or school policies and procedures.

Article II: Organization and Officers

Section 1. Membership: Membership is achieved by complying with all induction criteria as defined in the troupe handbook. The Thespian point system is the official guideline for awarding induction points. Any changes to induction criteria, including the Thespian point system, must be adopted as a troupe bylaw.

Section 2. Officers: The Thespian troupe shall have the following officers: Senior President, Junior President, Vice President, Secretary, Treasurer, and Historian. Duties shall be defined in the troupe’s bylaws.

Section 3. Elections: The troupe shall elect officers for the next school year in the last full month of the current school term.

Article III: Meetings and Participation

Section 1. Meetings: Thespian troupe meetings shall be held monthly throughout the school year. Special meetings may be called by the troupe director, any officer, or by a quorum of Thespians.

Section 2. Quorum: A quorum shall be a majority of the troupe’s active membership.

Section 3. Denial of participation: Any Thespian who causes deliberate dissension or disruption of any production or business meeting may be denied participation in troupe activities by a vote of two-thirds of the troupe’s membership and the consent of the troupe director. Any member requesting reinstatement of participation rights may have them restored with the consent of the troupe director and two-thirds of the troupe’s membership. In extreme cases a Thespian’s status as a member in good standing of the local troupe may be suspended or withdrawn by the troupe director for just cause. Such decisions are subject to oversight by the school administration. This may affect any or all participation rights and benefits that require the troupe director’s authorization, but will not affect membership and benefits that come directly from the ITS national office.

Article IV: Dues and Fees

Section 1. Dues: There shall be no mandatory dues for Thespian induction except as provided by the EdTA Board of Directors.

Section 2. Fees: Troupes may approve additional fees for local Thespian troupe participation. This requires consent of the troupe director and a two-thirds vote of the active troupe members at a regular troupe meeting. The school and its troupe director may also assess user fees in accordance with school policy.

Article V: Bylaws

Section 1. Purpose: Bylaws provide additional guidance for the governance and operations of the troupe. No bylaw may be in conflict with the EdTA Code of Regulations, membership policy, troupe handbook, troupe constitution, or school policy or procedures.

Section 2. Adoptions and amendments: The troupe director may adopt or amend bylaws as deemed appropriate. Bylaws may also be added or amended by approval of a simple majority of the troupe’s active membership and the consent of the troupe director.

Article VI: Amendments

Section 1. Exclusions: Article I may not be amended.

Section 2. Procedure: Articles other than Article I may be amended by approval of two-thirds of the troupe’s active membership with the consent of the troupe director. This constitution and its amendments shall be subject to change according to any or all requirements of the International Thespian Society.

Adopted 10 September 2017

Troupe Director: Mr. Douglas Eaton Troupe President: Sam Sinnott

Sample Thespian Troupe Bylaws


Introduction: The bylaws listed with the troupe constitution template are only suggestions. They are bylaws commonly adopted by existing troupes and are provided as a service to new and reinstating troupes. They are not binding unless formally adopted by the troupe and/or its troupe director.


Thespian Troupe 236 Bylaws

Adopted: 10 September 2017

Article I: Attendance

Section 1. A student arriving late to or leaving early from meetings or rehearsals without a reason considered valid by the troupe director will receive a demerit. Three such offenses will be counted as an absence from a meeting without excuse.

Section 2. Regular after-school meetings will begin at 2:30p.m. Changes will be posted by 12 p.m. the day of the meeting.

Section 3. Irregular attendance indicates a lack of interest; therefore, any member absent four (4) meetings per school year without a written excuse submitted to the secretary, stage manager, or troupe director shall be automatically suspended from troupe activities. The troupe director has sole authority to reverse the suspension.

Section 4. Attendance shall be considered in the Thespian point award system.

Section 5. Absences shall accumulate for only one school year at a time.

Article II: Thespian Points

Section 1. Induction points must be earned over the course of more than one production. In years when there is only one production, this requirement is waived.

Section 2. Induction points will be awarded for theatre-related work done outside the school’s theatre program. To qualify for points, a copy of the program or other verification must be provided.

Section 3. One-half of an induction point may be earned for attending non-school productions. To qualify, a ticket stub or a program must be provided as proof of attendance. A critique of the show (two-page minimum) must be submitted within one week of the production.

Article III: Induction

Section 1. An induction ceremony shall be held at least once each year. Additional ceremonies may be held as often as deemed necessary by the troupe director.

Section 2. Each inductee must provide his or her current mailing address and email address. Individual inductees are responsible for their own induction fees unless payment has been prearranged by a booster group, fundraising, or other source. The troupe will pay for additional honor items that are included in its officially adopted recognition system. Students may ask the troupe director to purchase honor items on their behalf that are not included in the troupe’s official system. Such items will be available at the troupe director’s discretion and at each student’s expense.

Section 3. The troupe director determines the time, place, schedule, and format of induction ceremonies.

Section 4. The troupe director and president conduct inductions. The principal, superintendent, and/or like officials will be offered a role in the ceremony whenever possible. The vice president is responsible for training induction ceremony speakers, scheduling and rehearsing said speakers, and preparing the stage and induction properties as directed by the troupe director.

Article IV: Officers

Section 1. Duties: Troupe officer duties are defined below. The troupe director may assign other duties.

A. The president presides at all meetings, appoints all standing and special committees, and directs and supervises troupe activities.

B. The vice president presides in the absence of the president and is responsible for the induction of new members.

C. The secretary keeps the records of meetings and attends to troupe correspondence.

D. The treasurer keeps the troupe’s books, and may act as business manager of Thespian productions.

E. The historian keeps the point records of all activities: plays, production dates, casts, crews, and work accomplished as provided in the official point system. Historian may also keep a scrapbook of news clippings, posters, programs, etc.

F. Other offices such as publicity chair, Student Advocacy Works chair, and committee chairs may be added at the troupe’s discretion. All officer positions must be listed in the troupe’s constitution.

Section 2. Requirements for all elected officers are as follows: each student must be an active member of the troupe for at least one school year, and at the time of election must be enrolled in grades 10 or 11.

Section 3. Nominations for officers are to be made by a committee that includes the troupe director, with additional nominations being permitted from the floor. Students may self-nominate from the floor. Officers will be elected by a majority vote.

Section 4. Elections will be conducted at the second to last troupe meeting for the school year.

Section 5. Voting will be done by secret written ballot at an official troupe meeting.

Section 6. Three members, including one officer, may request a recall election of all or any elected officers. This request must be submitted to the troupe director in writing and state the need for such an election. A special meeting will be scheduled within five school days upon receipt of the request for the purpose of voting on whether or not a recall election is necessary. Two-thirds of the membership is required to mandate a recall election. If a recall election is necessary, election of officers will follow the procedure set in Sections 2 through 4 above.

Section 7. Officers shall be on stand-by at the last social or program meeting of the school term.

Article V: Troupe Activities

Section 1. The troupe is not a secret organization. All interested faculty, students, parents, Honorary Thespians, troupe alumni, and administrators are welcome at troupe meetings.

Section 2. At least one meeting or special event of Troupe 236 shall include an open invitation to all students for the purpose of playing theatre games and creating improvisations.

Section 3. The troupe shall sponsor at least one good neighbor program a year for the purpose of establishing good relationships with nearby Thespian and Junior Thespian troupes and other dramatic groups.

Section 4. The troupe shall cooperate with all other departments and clubs in the school in helping them with their programs in any way it can.

Article VI: Conflict Resolution

Section 1. In the event issues or conflicts arise between a Thespian and the troupe director that cannot be solved through communication between the two parties, the issue should be resolved by the school administration as indicated in the troupe handbook.

Adopted 10 September 2017

Troupe Director: Mr. Douglas Eaton Troupe President: Sam Sinnott