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Muslim Student Association

MSA heading

MSA heading

ALL Are Welcome to join the Muslim Student Association!

Advisors: Ms. Colleen Roan

Meetings: 2x month at 10:30 in Room 258

Google Classroom Code: yvdwgat

Club Executive Board: 

  • President & Founder: Aleen Riaz
  • Vice president: Humza Nawaz

  • Secretary: Batoul Abass

  • Treasurer: Harini Mandalapu

  • Event graphic/designing : Cori Singleton

Mission Statement: 

To act as an advocacy group for all Muslim students, effectively addressing and solving issues within the community.

To eliminate stereotypes and clarify misconceptions about Islam.

To discuss and make connections to issues around the world that may be underreported or misunderstood.

To welcome all students of any faith, not just Muslims, in order to promote cohesion in the student body. 

To unite people and celebrate understanding of  minorities through activities, events, and fundraisers while gaining support and perspective from the community.

To create an environment in the surrounding communities that fosters the development and growth of the diverse muslim population.

To sponsor events and programming that positively contributes to the development of Islam and Muslim education.

To ensure muslims of the school community are able to fulfill religious obligations.

To actively engage both non-muslims and muslims in a positive and identity-affirming way.