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Watchung Hills Regional High School


Science League

Science League is a long-running competition among both public and private schools in New Jersey. Watchung Hills fields teams in the following categories.

New Jersey State Science League Website 

Biology 1 – students enrolled in first year biology
Biology 2 – students enrolled in AP biology
Chemistry 1 – students enrolled in first year chemistry
Chemistry 2 – students enrolled in AP chemistry
High School Physics – students enrolled in first year physics, non-AP
Physics C – students enrolled in AP physics

Typically about 140 schools compete in each category across the state in four regional meets that occur in January, February, March and April. For each meet, each school selects a team of four members to represent the district. These students are given a qualification exam which will be used to determine the top four students for each meet. The composition of this team can vary from one competition to the next.

Once science league members are selected, they take 4 multiple-choice tests and compete for individual and school rankings. When the competition is finished in April, state-wide scores are tallied and plaques are awarded to the top finishers in each subject. The top ten teams are awarded plaques. The top 10% of qualified individuals are also awarded plaques. To qualify, students must have taken at least 3 of the 4 tests as an official member of the team.

Watchung Hills has repeatedly finished as one of the top ten schools in the state and hope to continue in this tradition!

Who can participate?

Science League participants must be concurrently enrolled in the course that they are interested in competing in.


Team Advisor/ Google classroom codes
All meetings and specific club info will be updated/maintained on the specific google classroom pages. See below for codes to join.

Biology 1 Mr. Williams - Google classroom code fep3o4v
Biology 2 Mr. Williams - Google Classroom code o5vx7mp
Chemistry 1 Mr. Gangluff - Google Classroom code cr7rbnw
Chemistry 2 Mr. Gangluff - Google Classroom code j6dos3f
High School Physics Mr. Dellibovi - Google Classroom code g7vjnsg
AP Physics C Mr. Dellibovi - Google Classroom code pgpyics

If you have questions about the Biology teams, see Mr. Williams in room 42 or email him at

If you have questions about the Chemistry teams, see Mr. Gangluff in room 310 or email him at

If you have questions about the Physics teams, see Mr. Dellibovi in room 72 or email him at