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Watchung Hills Regional High School


National Art Honor Society

Sponsors: Ms. Griffin (, Mrs. Jordan (

(908) 647-4800 ext. 3096, 3005


Sarah Young
John Farley

Zuha Anjum


Google Classroom Code: (By invitation only) mq0x3b

2019-2020 Meeting Schedule (subject to change):

Two Monday's per month.  Specific schedule is available on google classroom under "Meeting Schedule 2019-2020" -- see individual meeting reminder posts for specific room locations.

Requirements for members: Juniors and Seniors must review application requirements and submit completed application and dues by Monday September 23rd, 2019.

  • Meetings occur on Mondays and will last from 2:30 until 4pm. Anyone who leaves before 3:45 will not get credit for attending the meeting.

  • Meetings are divided between Maker Mondays in which we create art as a group with a unique new medium or technique, and Mural Mondays, where we continue last year’s mural in Mr. New’s room.  

  • Use the meeting schedule to plan ahead and ensure you attend at least 10 meetings and the NAHS induction in April to retain membership.

  • Only three unexcused absences are permitted per member. 

  • Excused absences include days where you were absent from school, or have a medical appointment during our meeting, for which a note is required.  Other commitments to sports, clubs, tutoring, jobs, etc. *do not* count as an excused absence.


Mission Statement
The Watchung Hills Chapter of the National Art Honor Society is to recognize those students who have shown outstanding ability in art. Students must have demonstrated excellence as well as a dedicated spirit to the pursuit of art. Students have demonstrated creative and critical thinking, by being inquisitive and investigative. It is not enough to have just excelled at art and completed course requirements; students should have demonstrated qualities that have taken them beyond the scope of their course curriculum.

Link to Constitution: