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Advisor: Mrs. Jana Battiloro - English Department - - Room 281

Ms. Michelle Lesniak - -- Room 12


Co Editor-in-Chief: Elli Belyarchik - 230330@whrhs-stu.or

Co Editor-in-Chief:  Arjun Srinivas -   
Co-Student News Editor: Isabella Thomas -

Co-Student News Editor: Season Wei -
Arts & Entertainment Editor: Winston Yang -
Features Editor: Annie Dong -
Politics and World News Editor: James Wang -
Graphic Designer: Angelina Huang -
Health and Wellness Columnist: Annie Liu -
Sports Editor:

Meeting locations are in room 281 on Tuesday afterschool!

Please join our Google Classroom to become a writer and contributor! We need your energy and ideas!

Google Classroom Code: eeekjfq

Want to see our issues?

Here are the archived issues of our newspaper! Check us out!