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Alumni Corner

Message to Alumni-

Swimmers and coaches of past years please shoot Coach Hauck an email if you come across this page and would like to stay informed on the goings on of the WHRHS Swim Team and if/when we will have alumni meets! It will be my goal to have an annual Alumni meet for current swimmers to be able to meet swimmers of past years and then race against each other in an exhibition style meet. This season of 2020-2021 would have been the first season for us to attempt this but due to the Pandemic this will be most likely set aside until next year. Regardless we would love for you all who have graduated to stay in contact if able. Please tell us how you are and what you've been up to since graduating WHRHS. If you have any team/funny photos that you would like displayed here for past and current swimmers to view, please send them over!

Recent alumni who have swam with Coach Hauck this past season please do the same! Keep in touch, come visit for meets if you can, and keep us updated with what's going on in your lives. You all graduated at a very interesting time in history and should be proud of your recent accomplishments! Don't stop being awesome!

Alumni Pictures-

WHRHS Swim Seniors 2019-2020- Congratulations Swimmers!