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Ultimate Frisbee




Ultimate runs in the FALL & SPRING. We are a club in the Fall and a Varsity Sport in the Spring. 

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Please refer to our REQUIRED ATHLETIC DOCUMENTS for detailed information regarding paperwork needed for clearance to participate.



Sport Overview:

Ultimate Frisbee is a the greatest sport you've never heard of. It is guided by the spirit of the game which encourages players to self officiate their conduct and behavior and knowledge of the rules. Beyond being a highly spirited sport, it is also highly competitive. We strive to work harder than every other program that we compete against in order to succeed at the highest level.
Program Overview:
Over the course of the past two decades we have continuously fielded separate Men's and Women's Varsity Teams. Our program goals are focused on winning State and Regional Tournaments, preparing players for collegiate experience and enhancing the overall well-rounded Watchung Hills experience for our scholar athletes.
Ultimate Frisbee is a Club Sport in the Fall and a Varsity Sport in the Spring.
  • Our Fall Season runs from early September through mid November. We offer playing opportunities for young and experienced players alike.
  • The Spring Season is our main season. The season culminates with our State Tournament at which point our varsity rosters will be finalized for the season.

Our team focuses on producing well-rounded individuals. Not only do we emphasize the duality of the "Scholar-Athlete" but we also encourage involvement in other arenas of student life. Ultimate seeks to provide students of all academic abilities the opportunity to play athletics at a high level.

Most students have never played ultimate by the time they start high school. Anyone can learn to play and be successful at the high school level as long as they possess three key qualities. 1. A strong work ethic 2. A passion for learning 3. Some natural athletic ability. These attributes make our players successful both on and off the field.

Our program has not only turned out collegiate, professional and national team players, many of whom learned to play during their time at Watchung Hills, but we are also proud of our student achievements academically and in other areas as well.