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Watchung Hills Regional High School Watchung Hills Regional High School


Summer Training

Circuit exercises:

·      10 laps (sprint length 120y, jog width 70y)

·      Repeat for 6-9 mins (Jog 45secs – 80% stride 30secs – sprint 15secs)

·      10 laps (sprint 60y, jog 60y)

·      Make a box 40 x 40y – 8-10 mins (Sprint across, jog down or up)


Endurance exercises:

·      1 mile run under 6:30, 5 minute break, next mile under 6:30

·      2 mile run under 13:30

·      3 mile run under 19:00

·      800m runs (under 3 mins, repeat 3-4x)


Speed exercises:

·      10-15x acceleration run to half field (60 yards) – rest 30sec between each

·      Sprint all – 6 yard and back, 18 yard and back, half-field and back, full field and back

·      20x acceleration run to 18 yard line – rest 15 sec between each

·      Full field sprint – rest 45 sec between each


As you advance you can do multiple sets of these exercises. Make sure to alternate and NOT repeat the same activity every day. I encourage all athletes get on the soccer ball as much as possible and look to play as much as possible over Summer.