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Watchung Hills Regional High School


Summer Sessions

2020 Field Hockey Summer Sessions

Summer Session Schedule: 

Practice is Mondays and Wednesdays from 10 - 11:30 am

Drop Off/ Check-in for Underclassman:9:30 am

Drop Off/ Check-in for student drivers: 9:45 am (Please be sure to park on the platform behind Gym 5-6 & Gym 1-2)


Prior to Summer Session Practice: You must fill out this survey first in order for your child to participate: COVID 19: Questionnaire to Begin Summer Workouts

A nurse shall clear your child. This process has been expedited. 


Daily: Your child must bring this form completed to each check-in. 

COVID -19: Daily Pre-Screening Questionnaire


Travel Restrictions:

If you have traveled to any of these places your child is not allowed to partake in our Summer Sessions until they have quarantined for the 2 FULL WEEKS - 14 FULL DAYS! A negative test at the end of 7 days will not allow them to join in practice. 

Alabama      Alaska     Arkansas     Arizona     California     Delaware     Florida     Georgia     Iowa

Idaho      Indiana     Kansas     Louisiana      Maryland     Mississippi      Missouri      Montana

Nebraska      Nevada      New Mexico     North Carolina     North Dakota     Ohio     Oklahoma

South Carolina     Tennessee      Texas      Utah     Virginia     Washington     Wisconsin


What to Pack:

  • A mask

  • COVID-19 Daily Questionnaire

  • A jug of water (No 16 oz bottles, we need players to have enough water as there is no sharing of water)

  • A cooler with 2 snack bags of ice

  • A wet cooling cloth

  • Sunscreen 

  • Anything extra you  may need to help keep cool


Arriving to WHRHS:

  1. Drive to the back of the school to the 4 doors by Gym 5-6. You will see a tent set up with our wonderful screeners. Student Drivers: please park in the platform area and make your way to the check-in area located by door 47, while wearing a face covering. Please remember to maintain social distancing on your way to the check in area. 

  2. The student will leave the car wearing their mask. Please report to the tent (one at a time) There you will provide the screener with your COVID-19: Daily Pre Screening Questionnaire. The screener will then  check your temperature. 

  3. Parents/Drivers - you must remain in your car at the drop off tent until you know your player has been cleared for the day.

  4. Once the player is cleared by the screener, the player will make their way to the turf field via the tennis court entrance and the driver may then leave.

  5. If you are not cleared by the screener, you will not be permitted to practice and you will have to return home immediately.

* Failure to bring your daily questionnaire with you or to wear a face covering will preclude you from the workout that day and you will be sent home*


Important Reminders during Practice:

  • You will remain at your assigned cone on the field throughout all of practice.

  • As you get to the field your coach will tell you the station you will be at for the duration of practice. You will not move from there until dismissal or restroom is needed etc.

  • Water breaks will take place within your own box. 

  • All your belongings stay with you on the field in your box.

  • You must keep at least 6 feet between you and another person while on campus. No excuses. 

  • There will be no celebratory contact. For example: Fist bumps, high fives or huddles. 

  • There will be no spitting, seed chewing, or gum chewing during the workout.

  • Athletes should wear their workout gear to the workout and shall return home in that same workout gear.

  • The outdoor restrooms located on the side of the building will be open for the entirety of the workout. Only one athlete at a time shall be allowed to enter the restroom. 

  • In the event of an emergency, athletes shall wear their face covering when in the restroom with another athlete at the same time. 

  • All athletes must wear a face covering at all times unless otherwise directed by a coach.


Inclement Weather Procedures:

  • Weather will be monitored daily and practice will be canceled (via the coach) if poor weather conditions are known in advance. 

  • If dangerous weather occurs during the workout period, coaches will direct athletes to enter Door 17 (Gym3/4) where they will be required to maintain social distancing and wear their mask.

  • We will have players call home if we have to cancel practice at that point. Pick up will be from the doors by the tennis courts.


Dismissal Procedures: 

  1. Players will be dismissed one at a time to ensure socially distancing procedures are followed. 

  2. At the end of the workout period, all athletes will exit the field via the walkway where the visitor ticket booths are located and should leave the campus immediately. 

  3. Your coach will direct you if you are not familiar with this location. 

  4. Please do not exit the same pathway you entered the field.