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Watchung Hills Regional High School


Team Policies

Joining the cross country team at Watchung Hills is a great opportunity, but also a big responsibility.  

When you join our team, you become a visible representative of our school and our community.  People are going to judge the entire Watchung Hills community based on your behavior.

So take advantage of this opportunity!  When spectators watch you race and give your all through the finish line, and then show great sportsmanship by thanking and congratulating your competitors, they will think, "That's a Watchung Hills kid.  Great school, and a great cross country program."

Always bear in mind the responsibility you have as a member of this cross country team to represent Watchung Hills in a positive manner.


My priorities:

1) The health and safety of all of our athletes.

2) A fun, positive, enjoyable experience for everyone.

3) Sportsmanship and character.

4) Helping you reach your athletic goals.

-Coach Porter