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Watchung Hills Regional High School Watchung Hills Regional High School


Cheerleading - Fall


Sideline and Competition Cheer Tryout Flyer 2024-25

Cheer Coaches

Competition Cheer Head Coach: Jordyn Cuevas

Competition Cheer Asst. Coach: Jessica Surace

Sideline Head Coach: Karina Moller


Cheerleading Philosophy

It is the goal of the WHRHS Cheerleading program not only to teach athletes the skills necessary to be successful, but also how to be a good teammate. Cheerleading is a true TEAM SPORT, requiring everyone to work together to achieve a common goal. Such goals require a positive attitude and good character. Everyone in this program is a leader and a role model and must act accordingly to set a good example. Participation with the WHRHS Cheerleading program requires a commitment to go above and beyond and to prove your excellence.

Tryout Process:

Team tryouts will be conducted by qualified, impartial judges; UCA judges. The level of acrobatics and athleticism of cheerleading forced schools nationwide to adopt a more safety conscious approach to selecting cheerleaders. By using qualified judges, an athlete is selected to a squad based on less subjective qualifications. This is by far the most widely used method of cheerleader selection used today.

Fundraising and Booster Participation

The goal of fundraising is to support the Warriors on all levels. Participation in the Touchdown Club and all Cheer fundraising events and programs helps provide the cheer program with its season’s needs. Each contribution will cover most season purchases including pre-season camp, team dinners, senior night, etc.

CHEER TRAVEL RELEASE FORM -Students are not permitted to drive other students to and/or from events.