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Strength & Conditioning

Jim Huff, Strength and Conditioning Coach for the summer.
Click here for the 2023 summer weight room schedule.
The Warrior strength and conditioning program is open and encouraged for all athletes participating in any sport program at Watchung Hills. Its focus is to increase strength, power, speed, agility, and sport-specific conditioning while reducing the possibility of injury on the field, court, ice or track. The athletes will be guided through specific workouts by myself, accounting for proper technique and work intensity. Weight room training sessions begin at 2:30 pm starting September and run through June. All training will occur on Mon, Tue, Wed, Thurs, and Fri during the school year. ALL athletes participating in a sport, should be training during both the off-season and in-season.

Weight training sessions will take place in the weight room located in gym #3/4. Gym #3-4 is the gym nearest to the tennis courts behind the high school. Training includes speed, agility, strength and conditioning, all which will result in improved game performance this year. Go Warriors!

***All athletes must wear a Watchung Hills or Warrior t-shirt. In the event an athlete doesn't have a WH or Warrior shirt, he or she may wear a solid white or colored shirt.

ALL sessions from September through June begin at 2:30 Mon - Fri, unless otherwise noted.
We look forward to seeing you here.

Train Hard,

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