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Watchung Hills Regional High School Watchung Hills Regional High School


World Language

Brad Commerford
Supervisor of Health/PE and World Languages

The World Language Department is committed to the school vision of developing critical and creative thinkers who collaborate and communicate effectively to solve academic and real world problems. We offer multi-tier course work in Chinese, French, Italian and Spanish as well as English-as-a-Second Language. Most of our programs offer Honors or AP level course work during the junior and senior year experiences.

We are committed to having our students become better global citizens through language acquisition and proficiency. Learning a second language will assist students in their career choices and help make them more marketable on a global scale. Learning to speak a second language promotes improved memory and decision-making skills, allows for greater multi-tasking abilities and assists in establishing deep, cross-cultural relationships. Our programs strive to be a stepping stone for biliteracy for all of our students.