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In District Support for All Students

Intervention and Referral Team (I&RT):

The I&RT is a district committee that develops a written plan to address learning difficulties experienced by students. Referrals may be made by teachers or parents. Referral packets are available in the main office. Parents may also contact the chairperson by contacting the Guidance Department at ext. 4860. The committee includes guidance personnel, a child study team member, school nurse, and teachers. An I&RT plan is developed identifying the areas of concern, the interventions to be tried, the outcome of the intervention, and revisions to the plan.

504 Plan:

A 504 plan is an accommodation plan developed for students who have a disability that significantly impacts a major life function including learning. A 504 plan states the accommodations that the student will receive so that he/she can access the general education program. If you believe a student may require a 504 plan please contact the Guidance Department at ext. 4860.

Special Education and Related Services:
To make a referral to determine if a student requires special education and related services, please contact the Director of Special Services. A request for an evaluation must be made in writing; a hard-copy with an original signature is the only type of request accepted.

To be eligible for special education a student must have an educational disability, the disability must adversely impact on his/her learning, and the disability must require special education. Additionally, interventions must have been implemented and documented in general education before moving to a child study team evaluation.

NJAC 6A:14 3.3 (b) Interventions in the general education setting shall be provided to students exhibiting academic difficulties and shall be utilized, as appropriate, prior to referring a student for an evaluation of eligibility for special education and related services.