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Special Services

Michele Deremer
Director of Special Services


The Watchung Hills Regional High School District endeavors to provide the "least restrictive environment" for each child. WHRHS provides a continuum of individualized programs to meet each student's unique learning needs.

Co-Teaching (or In Class Resource Program) occurs in general education classrooms where students require assistance in the areas of organizational skills, study skills, curriculum reinforcement, and varied instructional strategies. The co-teaching model provides students with an opportunity to interact with general and special educators in a collaborative manner that seeks to maximize educational experiences and enhance learning in the general education classroom.

Resource Center program provides a replacement curriculum for those students with disabilities requiring a differentiated approach to curriculum requirements. The Resource Center program parallels the general education curriculum. Courses are designed to incorporate NJ Core Content Standards with appropriate modifications as well as provide small group instruction, using a multi-modal approach to learning.

Career Academic Resource Experience (LLD Program) is available and is designed to meet the needs of the learning and language disabled student whose educational goals are appropriately met in a highly structured, individualized program that incorporates career academics, behavioral and social skills, functional life skills, and vocational training. Students fulfill the mandated course requirements in the areas of English, history, math, science, health, and adaptive physical education in the LLD/Special Education curriculum. In addition, students in this program participate in a variety of school to work transition experiences through the vocational courses and off-site student intern opportunities.

Notice of Child Find Activity:
Pursuant to Individual with Disabilities Education Act

The Watchung Hills Regional High School (WHRHS) has a duty to locate, identify and evaluate all resident children with exceptional educational needs, regardless of the severity of their disability. Therefore, the school district has a special outreach program to locate all children with suspected disabilities who are residents of the district.

Upon request, the school district will provide information to determine whether a special educational referral is appropriate. Such a request may be made by contacting Michele Deremer, Director of Office of Special Services at the address or phone number listed above. Many educational opportunities are available in the community for children with disabilities.

WHRHS provides special education and/or related services for children ages 14-21.