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Social Studies Guidelines for Grading and Homework

Homework will be between 15-20% of a student's grade.

Late Work:
If a student is present on the due day of the assignment but does not hand it in, he/she can hand it in the next calendar day for 50% of the grade he/she would have received. After 2 days late - 30% of grade he/she would have received. After 3 days late - 20% of the grade he/she would have received. After 4 days late - 0%.  However, if the homework is going to be reviewed in class on the day it is due, the teacher will not accept it late at any time.
If a student is not present on the day the assignment was given, he/she will have 2 calendar days to turn in the assignment. (Homework is posted on the teacher's website).
Any homework or assessment not done will have a '0' in Genesis until it is made up (if allowed).
For major assignments/projects/papers - 10% will be taken off every day the assignment is late.

Must be made up the day the student returns and no more than 5 school days after a test was given. After that, the student will receive a zero if the test has not been made up in that time.
Tests will be announced a week ahead of time.

Students are expected to be prepared with their homework on the day it is due - it will often be checked for accuracy, reviewed in class, quizzed, or assessed in some way.







In all Social Studies/History courses, our aim is to provide each student with meaningful experiences and opportunities in order to develop content knowledge and skills to make each individual successful.

As such, teachers offer students the chance to learn both during class and on their own, outside of school. Assignments given to students require critical thinking and in-depth understanding of our subject matter. Teachers provide both feedback and a grade to the work we are asking students to complete.

We encourage you to view your child's grades and progress via parent access. Teachers in this department will post grades periodically.

As a department, our policy regarding posting grades in Genesis once the assignment is collected is as follows:

  • Most assignments/assessments: Within 14 calendar days
  • Research papers and long term projects/written assignments: Within 21 calendar days of due date


To parents and students:
Please feel free to contact any history teacher via email or phone. We are always happy to speak to you. Please be advised, however, that teachers may not always check their school email at night. We will be sure to get back to you as soon as possible and try our best to do so within 48 hours of your message. Thank you.