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Watchung Hills Regional High School


Drivers Safety Education

Learner’s Permit Testing Policies & Procedures

The examination for the New Jersey Secondary School Driver’s Test will be administrated at the conclusion of the 2nd marking period. The test results will not be reflected in the overall grade of the student. Students are not required to take the NJSS Driver's Test.
Recognizing how safe environments promote health and well being, students should develop a high degree of safety awareness and learn the procedures to reduce and make effective responses to driving conditions. Students must recognize and appreciate the importance of laws, rules and etiquette as related to safety and being attentive in class. Students who do not adhere and maintain an expected level of attentiveness will not be permitted to take the examination at WHRHS. All course work and assignments must be completed and graded to be eligible by the teacher test dates. If a student has an incomplete grade they will not be eligible to take the examination. A score of 80% must be attained in order to receive a certificate of successful completion.

WHRHS will not offer make-up exams. Students who do not score 80% on the test will have to secure their permit at the Division of Motor Vehicle Agencies. The certificate is valid for 2 years from the date of approval or one year after the student's 17th birthday, whichever is the longest period of time.
Upon successful completion of the Driver’s Education Course, students will receive a certificate that is required by their insurance companies for preferred student discounts. Copies of duplicate certificates are distributed by the Supervisor of Health/PE and World Languages, Brad Commerford ( / 908-647-4800 ext. 6848