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Homework and Grading


In the English Department at Watchung Hills Regional High School, we firmly believe that homework is a vital component of a rigorous, college prep high school program. Homework serves many purposes: it allows students an opportunity to practice skills that they have learned in the classroom; it allows students time to read the literature being discussed and analyzed in the classroom; and it provides opportunity for feedback regarding the progression of students’ essential skills and knowledge.

Homework develops the student’s responsibility and time-management skills and provides opportunities for the exercise of independent work and individual judgment. Homework should always serve a valid learning purpose.

Students studying English at Watchung Hills Regional High School should expect a degree of homework every night, at every grade level (and course level) of academics. Homework in the English Department varies in terms of skill and scope. Assignments are given at the discretion of the teacher based on the literary text(s) or language arts skill being studied. Homework will include, but not be limited to, the following: preparing for class discussion/seminar, writing short-term and long-term assignments, journaling, studying for tests/quizzes, developing vocabulary and grammar skills, completing projects, and building reading comprehension and critical thinking skills.


Teachers of the same course and level will collaborate to develop homework assignments appropriate to text complexity and course level. Homework will be clearly assigned and communicated via teacher webpage.

Late Work:

If a student is present on the day the assignment is due but does not hand it in, he/she can hand it in the next calendar day for 50% of the grade he/she would have received. After one day late, the grade for the assignment becomes a zero. If the homework is going to be reviewed in class on the day it is due, the teacher will not accept it late at any time.

For major projects, essays, and research papers, the teacher will assign a 10% grade deduction per calendar day that the assignment is late.

If a student is absent, he/she is responsible for accessing and completing homework assignments posted on the teacher’s webpage. For each day that a student is absent, the student shall have 2 calendar days to complete the assignment.

The teacher will enter a zero in Genesis for any assignment not completed or handed-in until it is made up, in accordance with the homework policy.


The teachers in the English Department believe in providing meaningful and timely feedback on all assignments. Teachers will return graded homework, classwork, and quizzes within 3 calendar days; tests, essays and projects within 7 calendar days; and, research papers within 21 calendar days.