• How to Help a Teenager Deal with Anxiety.
    Mindfulness can change the physiology of the body and brain in ways that strengthen, heal and protect. 
    This article provides 13 ways to practice mindfulness daily, and explains the difference it can make.
    Mindfulness practices to help students deal with stress and behavior.  
    NeaToday asks the question, "Are Mindful students less likely to Bully?" 
    A true life story of depression by Kevin Breel, a 22 year old writer, comedian and an activist for mental health. Kevin's incredible video opens the students eyes to what depression can look & feel like and how individuals we thought could never be depressed end up being just that. 

    Former professional wrestler Marc Mero tells an extremely personal story about his mom, her passing and his regrets. This is a powerful discussion on how negative coping mechanisms can affect you in the face of adversity. 

    Coping Skills