• Apparel and Branding Policy

    For the past several years, we have made a concerted effort to unify the visual identity of the Watchung Hills brand. We have done this by staying consistent with the school colors and logos on all apparel, print, and electronic communication. We believe this will present a cohesive visual identity by bringing together the curricular, co-curricular and athletic programs while maintaining the integrity of Warrior Pride.

    Please follow these helpful guidelines to ensure all apparel and items meet school standards and maintain the integrity of our school symbols.  

    In the past, vendors have used older or unapproved logos on apparel. To help keep the integrity of the Watchung Hills brand intact, we have made the approved logos available to you. Click on the links below to bring you to the approved image files.

    WHRHS Logo 

                WH Logo  

    Brown with gold outline.  “W” and “H” must be the font and layout as designed.When changing the size, please keep the same proportions.

    Click here to download a folder of approved WH Logo files

    WHRHS Mascot  

                  Warrior Head Logo  

    The warrior head should be facing to the right. When changing the size, please keep the same proportions.

    Click here to download a folder of approved Warrior Head Logo files

       Placement of artwork should not infringe upon or change logo or mascot in any way. 

    WHRHS School Colors (Brown and Gold)

    The suggested colors for apparel fabric are Brown, Gold, Gray, and White.

    Please see the checklist below before submitting your request for approval.

    • Submit a fundraising/clothing request form from the website at least three weeks in advance of the fundraising event. The form can be obtained here.

    • Attach a color draft design of all clothing from the vendor and any proposed letters regarding fundraising.

    • Ensure that you have the official school logo, mascot, and colors.

    • Scan / email the completed form in color to the athletic department or Co-curricular Supervisor

    • Submit form for approval to the Athletic Director or Co-Curricular Supervisor

    • Do not place orders or make arrangements before receiving a copy of the approved form with appropriate signatures

    • Please refer to the school’s BOE policy (9191) regarding booster clubs for additional information

    We are here to help and want to make sure we convey our Warrior pride in the best possible way!

    If you have any questions, please contact the appropriate department