• The science department is engaging in a 9th grade school wide read this summer for the class of 2021. All incoming 9th grade students will be required to read the book The Martian a 2011 science fiction novel written by Andy Weir.

    The purpose of choosing The Martian as a book for our 9th graders is to have them understand that the complexities of science can be understood at a basic human level. The Martian weaves essential parts of Biology, Chemistry, Physics, Engineering and Mathematics along with a basic human instinct-survival.

    Teachers in the science department will be using excerpts of the book throughout the 2017-2018 school year to enhance our curriculum. Below is a video clip that will assist parents in understanding book choice.

    Interview with Andy Weir

    Thank you

    Michael D'Alessio

    Director of Science, Instructional Technology, and Assessment