• College Representatives ONLY:  
    To schedule an appointment to meet with W.H.R.H.S students, please select a date.
    All scheduled visits will be held at either 10:30 a.m. or 2:15 p.m Eastern Standard Time.
    Please view the overall W.H.R.H.S School Calendar. 
    The visits will be available only on full days of school. 
    Visits are not open on 1/2 days of school.
    Please email pcolburn@whrhs.org OR call 908-647-4800 x4860.
    In your email please include:
     1) Full name of College / Institution / University. 
     2) Email that will be posted on website for students to contact.
     3) Full name of person coming to visit.
     4) Full name of contact person setting up appointment if there is one. 
     5) Phone number that will be posted on website for students to contact.
     6) If there is a personal phone number please note (WHRHS will not post on website).
    The date will be scheduled in our calendar and you will receive an invitation.  
    Accept the invitation and this will confirm your appointment. 
    School Closing, any question of a closing due to inclement weather or for any other reason, please check the website. 
    Please use the address ==>108 Stirling Road, Warren, NJ 07059, for navigation <==.
    Otherwise you will be directed to the back of the school entrance.
    10:30 am visits only please park in white lined parking spaces.  
    School lets out at 2:15 pm and buses line up approx 2:05pm, blocking access.
    If you get stuck it is best to wait until the buses leave or park wherever you can. 
    If for any reason you are late just give a call with a heads up, 908-647-4800 x4860. 
    Any questions call or email.  Thanks in advance for visiting.