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    Dear Seniors and Parents,

    Nov 1 is here.  WHRHS guidance department is very busy sending out many applications which will then have to be processed by the colleges.  They are receiving numerous applications daily and because of this sheer volume cannot fully process them all on November 1.  Some schools tell us it may take anywhere from 2 – 3 weeks to process the material once they receive it – however, you must pay attention to their deadlines along with our guidelines regarding college application submission dates. https://www.whrhs.org/cms/lib/NJ01001319/Centricity/Domain/242/2014%20-%202015%20Application%20Deadlines.pdf

    Therefore, if a school’s application portal indicates that they have not received all of your application materials it is not a reason to panic.  You should first check the college’s website for any messages related to any issue.  You may also call their admissions office and check on the status of your application – but please remember the number of applications being processed.  They may or may not be able to locate them even if they are in the process of waiting to be downloaded.  This is an unfortunate part of technology – but colleges are working with us and we are working with them. 

    With all this said please make sure that you note all your application deadlines – earlier is always better than later.


    Good luck!