• Watchung Hills Regional High School has implemented the SchoolMessenger Notification System to provide timely communication to parents and students on matters such as attendance, general interest activities, surveys, and district emergencies/weather alerts. In order to enhance our ability to accurately deliver that information we kindly request that you create your own contact preference profile using SchoolMessenger's Contact Manager web site. The Contact Manager feature allows you to control the manner in which you prefer to be contacted. It also works like a mailbox, giving you a place to review messages you may have missed.

    In order to utilize this feature simply follow the steps below to create an account through the secure Contact Manager web site provided by SchoolMessenger. Steps to set up your account:

    1. Enter the following URL into your web browser: https://contactme.schoolmessenger.com

    2. Click the "Sign Up Now" link near the bottom of the page.

    3. You will be taken to the Sign Up page where you will need to enter your e-mail address, a password, and your name. Click "Sign Up" when you are done.[Note: SchoolMessenger has a strict privacy policy and does not sell or distribute your contact information to any 3rd party.]

    4. Once you've activated your account, you're ready to add yourself to your account. Click the "Click here to begin" button. Enter your User ID and Activation Code. (User ID is your email address and the Activation Code was sent to the email address used for your Parent Access account).

    5. When you have finished adding your record to your account, navigate to the Contacts tab and click the edit link to the right of your name. There you simply check which types of messages you would like to receive and at which phone number or email address. Make sure that you click Save when you are done making changes.
    [Note for faculty and staff: Fields that are not editable have been locked by WHRHS. To add/remove phone numbers please contact the WHRHS IT department by submitting a service request ticket.]
          6. Please check your email. There will be an Account Activation email which contains a link that you can use to authenticate your email address with your account.

    At any time you can simply go to contactme.schoolmessenger.com to access your account.

    Alert Information




    Any type of emergency or weather related notification. (one phone number is required to receive this alert)


    Absent and Tardy calls and e-mails (guardians only)


    Any general announcements (Guidance, Academics, Athletics, etc.)


    Surveys may be sent to gather information

    [Note for Faculty and Staff: Attendance alerts will not be sent to employees even if the alert is checked.]

    Please refer to the alert setup screenshot below. It does not matter if blank rows are checked or unchecked. This simply means that there are no additional phone numbers or email addresses in our system.

    [Note for Faculty and Staff: Our system only holds two phone numbers and your school e-mail address]