• Technical Specs:


    Seating:                        957

                                        Handicap seating available.


    Stage:                          Proscenium:                                         56' wide x 30’ high

                                        w/portals:                                             42’ wide x 18’ high


                                        Stage Depth:                                        39’ from plaster line + 5’ 6” apron

                                        Sprung Floor Width:                            65’ 6”

                                        Stage Width from Wall to Wall:          84’

                                        Optional Thrust:                                   adds 12’ 9” to stage depth

                                        Height to Steel:                                    49’


    Rigging:                       Fly-rail:  Single purchase counterweight system located stage left at approximately 16' above stage level. 

                                        30 total line sets:   6 dedicated electrics

                                                         3 acoustic clouds

                                                         1 portal header

                                                          2 full stage drops, Black


                            Softgoods:     5 sets of legs (22' x 6')

                                                  5 sets of teasers (8' x 64')

                                                  1 white CYC

                                                  1 black scrim


                           Catwalks:       2 fully accessible FOH catwalks

                                                    Spot booth in downstage catwalk (B)


    Lighting:                   196 dedicated stage dimmers wired dimmer per circuit.

                                      ETC ION Console with 20 x 2 Fader Wing

                                      2 Lycian Midget II Followspots

                                      Inventory:        Contact Production Manager for current stock



                                       Yamaha M7 48 Chan. Digital Console

                                       QSC WideLine 8 Line Array

                                       8-DB Monitor Wedges (Powered)

                                       Wireless Microphones available

                                       CONTACT PM FOR ADDITIONAL INVENTORY


    Projection:                   12k Projector available

                                         Various screen options available
                                         Contact Production Manager